Choosing a thoughtful gift for the gamer in your life is always a daunting task. It’s like you are living a nightmare, well we are here to put an end to your struggle. The list features 12 best Nintendo fans gift ideas which will guide you in choosing the perfect gift for Nintendo lovers. As we all know gamers are very enthusiastic and attached to the characters of the games, so these gifts on the list feature some of the classic gaming characters from Nintendo world.

These best Nintendo fans gift ideas will definitely brighten their face; I can assure you this. So without stressing too much, dive right into our list of best gift ideas for Nintendo fans.

The Best Nintendo Fans Gift Ideas

1. Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock

The 90’s kids are very well aware of the craze of Nintendo Gameboy by back in those days; everyone one was obsessed with them. What could be a more appropriate gift than a Nintendo game boy alarm clock that will drive them down the road of nostalgia? Not only it’s a thoughtful gift. Instead, it allows the users to set the alarm and date beside it is made from the finest quality materials for maximum durability.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

2. Super Nintendo Retro Art 2019 Wall Calendar

Die-hard Nintendo fans will absolutely adore this retro super Nintendo Calendar. You will hit all the right cord of their heart by giving them this calendar. It displays the best designs and illustrations of 90’s best classics Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Star Fox, and Super Metroid. They are very bright, bold and will definitely bring a smile on the face of a person every time they will see it.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

You can’t go wrong with this, the game was introduced to the Nintendo world in 1999, and acclaimed worldwide popularity. This game is super fun for Nintendo switch lovers because of it’s fast combat, new items, defensive option and much more to enjoy. It includes 74 playable characters, and over 100 stages mean that this game will keep the gamers happy long into next year. This is surely one of the best Nintendo fans gift ideas that you should consider buying.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

4. SNED Nintendo Classic Mini

It feels like Nintendo like digging the nostalgia, the super Nintendo SNED traditional mini entertainment system features the original look and feel of the ’90s home console, it’s little smaller in appearance. The unit is preloaded with 21 games, and also works with Compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories.  It includes some of the best classic games from the past and the best 2-player games of the era, including Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, etc.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

5. USAopolu Super Mario Inspired Chess Board

Can you imagine the excitement on the face of a die-hard Nintendo lover when they will be gifted this Mario inspired chess board? The game requires you to pick a team and control the 32 hands painted pieces inspired by Mario characters. It is one of a kind and is so much fun to play.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

6. Think Geek Pikachu Light-up Lamp

We all have been caught by Pikachu fever in our childhood; now the bright yellow little guy comes in the form of a flash lamp. The 7 inches tall, adorable guy can light up any dark spot, and then automatically shuts off after ten minutes of the use. It runs on LR44 button cell batteries which are included in the package. Don’t you think that is one of the best gift ideas for Nintendo fans.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

7. AmazonBasics Nintendo Switch Joy-con Controller

I assure you they will love this one; the kit includes two controller grips and two thumbstick grips for Joy-Con controllers. The ergonomic designs provide maximum comfort which is very crucial for extended gaming hours. They will never have enough of it, and every time they will win a game they will thank you for such a gift.

Do not forget to check our list of best Nintendo Switch controllers and Joy-con grips that will surely help you to choose one for yourself or your friend.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

8. Super Mario Brothers Shot Glasses

What’s the best way to toast, the Super Mario inspired shot glass are hand painted and features seven Mario brothers on them. The guys will love partying while having shots in those cute glasses, besides the paint will not be washed off. I loved it personally and that is why included in our list of best Nintendo fans gift ideas.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

9. Paladone Super Mario Heat Changing Coffee Mug

The Mario inspired Ceramic coffee mugs to change the color following the temperature of the beverage poured. When cold, displays a plain Mario level background, but when a hot drink is poured into the cup the background changes color, and extra details appear, such as coins, enemies, clouds, and Mario himself. This cup will be added to their favorites list as soon as they open it and that is why we have included in our list of best creative gift ideas for Nintendo lovers.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

10. PowerA Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

Thanks to the laboring popularity of super smash bros this controller became the favorite for players who want the same feel and button layout when playing with their favorite fighter. It features Bluetooth connectivity and has system buttons that are compatible with all Nintendo Switch games.

If you are looking a case for your Nintendo Switch, you should check our list of best Nintendo Switch cases.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

11. Pokemon Poke Ball Plus Pack

The cute little bright yellow guy is loved by all the people regardless of their age, and whether they are a gamer or not. Pokemon Let’s go allows the players to train and catch their Pikachu using motions in the game. The integrated app connects with the smartphone and lets you transfer the caught monsters in the mobile kit. Sounds fun, right?

best nintendo fans gift ideas

12. SNES Super Mario World Illuminated Wall Art 

The SNES Super Mario illuminating wall art will brighten up the room at night, the light softly glows and looks fun. It features a retro design and will become an absolute favorite of the Nintendo lovers instantly. It is USB and battery powered.

best nintendo fans gift ideas

I hope the following article on best gift ideas for Nintendo fans will help you in choosing the best gift for showing your love towards your loved one. If you have other ideas, you can mention them in the comments section below, and we will update the list of best Nintendo fans gift ideas.

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