In your best interest, iPhone XS is already IP68 certified meaning  XS can stay 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes but some added precautions do not bring any harm. None of us want to leave any chance of luck when it comes to the safety of our precious iPhone’s. A protective best Waterproof Case for iPhone XS is required to safeguard your phone from water. We have brought you the list of best iPhone XS waterproof cases made from premium materials, which aid to their reliability.

All these best waterproof cases for iPhone XS built from different material and looks different in style but one thing they do efficiently is protect your iPhone from water.

You can choose one of these best iPhone XS waterproof cases one for yourself which qualifies your requirements. However, all of them are designed to fulfil the same purpose and that is to keep your phone fully functional and safe in the water. So, without further adieu, have a look at some of the best iPhone XS waterproof cases.

12 Best iPhone XS Waterproof Cases

1. Vapesoon Waterproof Slim Case for iPhone XS

Vapsoon is designed to offer 360 protection to your phone, despite its heavy-duty protection the case still feels absolutely light in hands.  It is IP68 Certified and can stay submerged into 6 ft water till 30 minutes. The case features a transparent body that reveals the original color and design of the phone. It is constructed from high-grade TPU and PC materials to withstand multiple adversities may be it be a drop, shock, snow, and water.


2. iBalson Waterproof Bumper Case for iPhone XS

iBalson is long known for manufacturing heavy-duty protective cases for iPhone. Balson features an airtight design to provide reliable protection from water making it one of the best iPhone XS waterproof cases. The integrated touch sensitive screen protector and wraparound bumper protect the phone from drops, scratches, and dust to survive the occasional falls without causing any significant damage. Besides this, the case is compatible with wireless charging and can be slipped seamlessly into the pockets without causing any bulkiness.

If you looking for normal case which offers protection from dust and unwanted damages, you should check out our list of best iPhone XS cases and covers.


3. LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Lifeproof best waterproof case for iPhone XS is IP68 certified that keeps your phone fully functional in water till 6.6’/2 m for 1 hour. It keeps your phone completely sealed to restrain snow, dust and dirt and dust from damaging the phone. The built-in scratch resistant screen protector is virtually invisible to the eyes however, it is touch sensitive and allows for a seamless screen access to touchscreen features. The case exceeds MIL-STD 810F-516 to withstand extreme shocks and drops.


4. Sinkry Best Waterproof case for iPhone XS

looking for the best option to keep your phone guarded during water sports and adventures then Sinkry is one the best waterproof cases for iPhone XS. It is tested 6.6ft under water for 30 min, the case features ultra-thin TPU material for front glass which is very sensitive and prevents dust, water, and sand from entering your phone.  In spite of full body coverage transmission of sound is not affected during calls or listening to music. The small built-in stand allows you to watch your favorites movies in landscape mode. The non-slip design for a firm grip, precise fit for seamless access to buttons and ports.


5. Temdan Rugged Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Temdan is a multifunctional heavy duty best waterproof case for iPhone XS. It allows you to carry multiple activities from your phone even underwater, like clicking pictures and recording videos. The case is IP68 and MIL-STD 810F-516 to safeguard your phone from any potential damage. The integrated screen protector comes consists of high touch sensitivity for seamless touchscreen access. Besides this, it is equipped with a wristband and float strap that keeps your phone floating on the surface if it slips away from your hand beneath the water. The soft rubber case is very easy to install and remove.


6. Supcase Full Body Rugged Waterproof Case for iPhone XS 

Supcase is constructed from Polycarbonate hard shell and TPU materials which offer a dual layer protection to your phone. It is IP68 Certified ideal to keep your phone shielded during water sports and activities, the integrated screen protector prevents scratches and cracks without compromising the screen sensitivity. Thickly padded bumper corners absorb impacts from drops and fall, precise cutouts for easy access to buttons, camera, speakers, and charging ports. Some of these reasons, we have included this case in our list of best iPhone XS waterproof cases.


7. Hitcase Fully Sealed Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Hitcase is exclusively designed for water adventures making it one of the best waterproof cases for iPhone XS. The rock solid seal packed case allows you to click pictures and record videos in water up to 10 ft of depth. Dual protective shields keep your phone sealed and provides drop protection while the touch-sensitive builtin screen protector for the convenient user interface.  It features an ultra slim design constructed from high-grade aluminum and soft TPU which does not add any bulk to the phone. The case offers 360-degree protection to your phone in any given environment and climate.


8. Ordtby Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Ordtby has introduced two best waterproof cases for iPhone XS, former is black and the latter one is transparent. Regardless of the color, they both are engineered for the same purpose, however, the clear one gives you the leisure to display the original beauty of your premium phone.

It offers 360-degree protection to your phone so you can go 8 feet deep into the water with this case on. The durable built to withstand shocks and drops, and totally sealed designed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the phone. It is extremely light hence, can be carried for hours in hand without feeling any bulk. Besides this, it is compatible with wireless chargers ad easy to install and remove.


9. Catalyst MIL Grade Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Catalyst is one of the best iPhone XS waterproof cases which is a high-performance protective case. It is fully sealed to keep your phone guarded while you are busy swimming, hiking, fishing or camping. It exceeds MIL grade security standards to withstand extreme shocks and drops, the integrated scratch proof touch sensitive screen protector for the uninterrupted user interface. The hard-coated dual optical lens is fully sealed to prevent snow, dirt, and dust from entering the phone. Soft rubber sides for non-slippery grip and rotating mute switch along with removable double plug waterproof seal for seamless access to charging port.


10. Spidercase Rugged body Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Spidercase is IP68 Certified making it highly reliable to keep your phone safe in 16ft/5m underwater for one hour. The case remains fully sealed even after 1000 times of installation and removal. Built-in scratch proof screen protector with the matte black panel that is impact resistant. The screen protector is equipped with high sensitivity for an uncompromised user interface, the cover is highly durable for prolonged use. Works well with wireless chargers and comes with 12 months of warranty.


11. Clayco iPhone XS Waterproof Case

Clayco is exclusively designed for iPhone XS, it offers dual layer protection which consists of a hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU material. IP68 certified to offer reliable protection to your phone underwater till 30 minutes, the front cover with touch sensitivity prevents scratches from surfacing on the screen without compromising the sensitivity of the screen. The case offers overall protection to the device without interfering with the functionality and features. This is the reason we have included this case in our list of best iPhone XS waterproof cases.


12. Snowfox Fully Sealed Waterproof Case for iPhone XS

Snowfox offers 100% generic and good quality best waterproof cases for iPhone XS. This is IP68 certified means you can carry your phone on the streets even when it is raining heavily, or you can take in inside pool if you randomly planned to go for a swimming. The case is ideal to use during all outdoor activities like hiking, running, and skiing. The transparent design keeps the original beauty and design restored while the rugged anti-scratch back panel shields the phone from drops and shocks.


These are the best iPhone XS waterproof cases currently available on the market that offers reliable protection to your phone amidst water. These best waterproof cases for iPhone XS offer absolute protection to your phone may it be from, water, snow, dust, dirt drops, and falls. I hope this list will help you assist you in buying the best cover for you iPhone XS, feel free to mention which one you finally picked in the comment section below. We might have missed few names to include on the list of our best iPhone XS waterproof cases that you can bring them to our acknowledgment.

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