The much-awaited wireless charging feature is finally available on iPhone X, iPhone Plus and iPhone 8. The new Apple’s smartphone supports a Qi standard of wireless charging, all you need to do is just find a competent charging pad for swift and hustle free charging. We are here to offer you help in finding the best wireless chargers for iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

While listing those best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus wireless chargers, I have made sure that these charging pads are entirely proficient in charging your phone rapidly and also ensures safety while using. If you have bought a new iPhone and looking for best iPhone 8 wireless chargers, this post is for you.

So, without any further adieu, have a look at the list of best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus wireless chargers.

Best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Wireless Chargers

1. Belkin Fastest Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8/8 Plus

Belkin wireless charging remains on top when you are looking for the quickest and best iPhone 8 wireless chargers. The pad has very stylish and portative design that would comfortably fit at your office desk as well. The 1-amp output is efficient for charging your iPhone rapidly.

The Soft charging pad prevents scratching and also eliminates the risk of sliding. The LED indicator lets you know when your device starts charging and is fully loaded. It also includes micro-USB-to-USB cable and wall adapted for more proficient charging experience.


2. JETech Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8/8 Plus

The ultraslim wireless charger is one of the best iPhone 8/8 Plus charging pad available in the market for charging your iPhone 8. It has very portable design and is very light weighted. It not only charges your iPhone efficiently, but also ensures its safety by eradicating the risk of short-circuiting. It is also primed with power efficient idle mode, which prevents overcharging.

The rubber circles on the pad protect the device from slipping while charging. It includes LED lights and provides5V/1A Output. It comes with micro USB cable and a warranty for 6 months.


3. TYLT VU Qi iPhone8 Wireless Charger

TYLT VU Qi wireless charging pad has a very trendy design that allows you to charge your iPhone 8 comfortably and enables you to keep an eye on the screen while the phone is in charge. The 3 coil charging technology lets you charge your phone by placing it anywhere on the pad.

The smooth surface of the pad prevents any scratches. It comes in 4 different colors and covers one year of warranty.


4. CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger for iPhone 8

CHOETECH enables you to charge your iPhone 8 very efficiently and rapidly. The anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom ensures the safety of your device while charging. The wireless charging pad stands 1 x 3.3ft which enables large charging area where you can place your phone either in landscape or portrait position. 

The charging pad avoids the overcharging of your device and also comes with a micro USB cable.


5. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging pad for iPhone 8/8 Plus

The Samsung is one of the best wireless charging pad for iPhone 8 in no time. Wireless charging pad lets you experience superfast charging of your smartphone it turns from 0 to 100% within 50 mins.

The portable and attractive design affirms the safety of your iPhone from short circuit and scratches. The LED light will alert you by green light when your iPhone is fully charged. Colours available The wireless charging device is available in two colors that are black sapphire and white.


6. Anker Wireless Fast Charging Pad for iPhone 8

Talking abt best iPhone 8 wireless chargers than Anker wireless charging pad is designed to give you a standout charging experience. The compact and sleek design makes it handy, the non-slip charging pad is an addon to the qualities, it protects your iPhone from slipping.

The superfast charging mode lets you charge your iPhone 2X faster than any other charging device. The Anker can deliver  10-watt output, which is just the double of your standard charger. The inbuilt multi protects technology protects your phone from overheating, short circuit. It offers you 18 months of the warranty.


7. Spigen 3 Coil Wireless Charger for iPhone 8/8 Plus

The fastest wireless charging pad available for charging your iPhone 8 is Spigen Essential F300W. The most highlighted thing about Spigen Essential F300W wireless charging pad is its impressive stand design, which allows you to place your iPhone 8 on charging either vertically or horizontally comfortably. You can keep accessing your iPhone screen while it is in charge.

The 3 coil offers a considerable charging area, thereby making it more convenient to charge your iPhone by placing it anywhere on the pad.

Relevant back support eliminating the risk of falling, the LED indicators alert about the charging status of your iPhone.


8. Turbot 3 coil QI Wireless Charger for iPhone 8

The Turbot wireless charging pad is designed for the convenience of your iPhone 8 to keep watching movies, pick up the video call or continue browsing while the phone is in charge. The built-in 3 coils enable a large charging area.

The non-slip rubber mat at the bottom prevents your phone from slipping. You can ramp up the charging speed and also use 2A adapter. The multicolored LED lights alert you by turning blue to green when you fail to align your iPhone correctly. The device is available in two standard colors black and silver.


9. Mophie QI Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone8/8 Plus

Mophie charge forces wireless charging pad in very convenient for charging iPhone 8, it consists magnets which keep your iPhone aligned for optimum charging. The Device is convenient and excels at charging your iPhone quickly.

The charging pad ensures the needed protection to your iPhone from short circuit.  Charging pad delivers up to 1.0A charge speeds. The smooth surface assures that your iPhone remains stable at its place. The LED lights stay illuminated till the phone is 100% charged.


10. PLESON Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone 8

The PLESON wireless charging pad is capable of delivering 1.4X times faster charging to your iPhone 8. The notable feature is that it is compatible with most of iPhone 8 cases and covers. Hence, you don’t have to remove your cases to speed up the charging.

It is very convenient; at this moment you can charge your iPhone in any angle (both vertically and horizontally). The Anti-slip mat prevents your phone from slipping away. The built-in temperature control features affirms the safety of your iPhone from short-circuiting.By using QC 2.0 adapter, you can enhance the charging speed.


I hope this article was helpful in letting you choose the best wireless charging chargers for iPhone 8. These are some of the best iPhone 8 wireless chargers available in the market.

You can share with us which iPhone 8 wireless chargers work best for you and also mention the qualities you liked about it. Besides that, you can list the names of the chargers in the comments which we might have missed while making our list of the best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus wireless chargers.

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