This guide is about the best gaming desks in 2020 that will help you in choosing the right one irrespective of your budget. There are many best gaming desks currently circulating around the market and various e-commerce stores, however, choosing the right one with all the crucial features is always a daunting task. We have to acknowledge all the pros and cons of these desks for gamers before finally deciding to invest our money in any of them.

Some of them come with an integrated monitor stand, keyboard tray and brackets and hooks for holding headphones and coffee mug. While other consists of racks and drawers to provide the proper storage space to store your games, joysticks and mouse pad etc to play best PC video games. Some of the desks has storage space for best gaming routers as well.

Irrespective of the individual choices we all have a single aim when it comes to buying the best gaming desks. We all seek an ergonomic desk, with proper desk space, racks and drawers for storing other crucial gaming accessories in a single place.  To help you find the best gaming desks of year 2020 we have listed the most popular features, specifications, and type in this post to let you choose the right one for yourself.

So, without further adieu, have a look at all the best gaming desks of year 2020 and choose the right one for you.

The Best Gaming Desks of Year 2020

1. Atlantic Pro Curved Font Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Pro desk is specifically designed for gaming enthusiastic so that they can focus on that gaming battle with absolute ease. The desk features durable steel legs followed by a sleek charcoal colored laminated top board. The curved design provides ample space for closeup access to the monitor beside it can accommodate speakers, Laptop games and other gaming accessories.

With this desk, you get an integrated stand for charging your tablet, smartphone and speakers etc. Another side of the desk consists of a cup holder, game storage, under desk basket and headset hook etc. This best gaming desk is ideal for compact interiors and is highly recommended for beginners for such a decent price of $100.

We would recommend you to check our list of best cheap gaming headsets that comes under $30 to notch up your gaming experience.

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2. Greenforest L-Shape Gaming Desk 

The L shaped gaming desk features a sleek design and looks sophisticated as loved by the millennials. It is crafted from durable steel for long life, the L shape designs suit both office and home interior. It helps you save a lot of space, it can withhold up to two working monitors giving you plenty of space to perform your tasks.

The unit is very versatile as it can be accessed from three different angles, how you want to use it is your discretion. However, users need some extra shelves for stacking up their consoles, chords headphones, and other gaming accessories. As an added feature the desk legs are adjustable and can be fitted to your desired length, besides it offers good stability and thus considered in our list of best gaming desks of year 2020.

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3. Origami Foldable Gaming Desk

Finding just the right kind of best gaming desk is quite a daunting task. We all see comfort and support during those prolonged gaming sessions, so if a comfortable desk is what you are looking for then we have got you covered. Origami features a sleek design and is extremely lightweight that it can be carried around the house very easily.

The gaming desk’s stand is constructed from durable steel followed by a matte finished wood top. The raised platform is ideal for users who prefer to keep their feet up during extended working hours. It offers up to 7 ft of desktop area to provide decent space for accommodating all the important machines. Besides the desk is foldable and takes only 40 seconds to fold flat. Available in 4 neutral colors to complement any given interior.

best gaming desks 2019

4. Walker Edison Black Glass Gaming Desk

With expert craftsmanship, and high quality built Waker Edison quantify as one of the best gaming desks for 2020. The three 3 piece corner desk is exclusively designed for nesting entertainment unit and gaming consoles, it provides enough space for harbouring the perfect setup for gaming enthusiasts.

The desk features a retractable keyboard tray that keeps your gaming area cleaner, however, general L shaped desk area is also sufficient for the times when you have other activities on your mind. Beneath it has a nicely framed and stable CPU stand, besides the desk can be separated into two individual pieces this is a nice feature for gamers who diversify their interior from time to time. The tempered glass surface shatterproof, easy to clean and can bear up to 100 pounds per section. The keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the desk for added versatility.

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5. Arozzi Arena Best Gaming Desk

A wide desk with a funky design is what every gamer desires. The 5’3 inches width allows for 3 monitors to be placed on the futuristic desk. Besides the 80cm depth provides ample space for accommodating the keyboards mouse and other crucial gaming accessories. Currently, it is available in 5 funky and striking colors blue, black, green orange and red respectively which are quite popular among teenagers.

The Arena is easy to transport since the desk and frame are divided into 3 sections. It features a separate mouse pad with soft microfiber surface, which is water resistant and can be fixed anywhere on the desk, followed by a proper cable management scheme. The height of the desk is adjustable, simply loosen the screw to set the desired height then tighten them back once you are done.

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6. Atlantic Multi-function Gaming Desk

Atlantic surely understands what being a real gamer is, so they came with this innovative desk idea for the all the gaming enthusiasts. The creative desk consists of wire racks to store your coffee mug, headphones, games, and other important gaming accessories. The sturdy legs rest comfortably on any given surface may it be carpet, hardwood or plastic mats for your gaming chair, it ensures good stability on all kind of grounds.

The integrated monitor stand can hold up to 40lbs, with enough space on the desk to connect your laptop. The charging stand is also decked up on the left side of the desk to help you charge your tablets and smartphone seamlessly, followed by a speaker stand. This is an affordable yet one of the best gaming desks available to keep up all your gaming gears in a single place.

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7. Respawn Computer Gaming Desk

Respawn is exclusively designed for intense gaming sessions along with hectic working hours. It is equipped with accessory brackets to store headphone, speakers and coffee mug. This provides with more desk space for performing other tasks. The ergonomic desk has a steel frame and adjustable leveling glides to prevent eye and neck strain.  The integrated monitor shelf for more convenient space occupancy, besides the overall desk, can bear up to 200 lbs. This table is ideal for the times when you are gearing for an epic PlayStation battle.

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8. Zinus Medium-sized Best Gaming Desk

If you are looking for a stylish looking but affordable medium sized gaming desk to compliment your dorm room than Zinus is what you might need. With a dedicated monitor desk, you get enough desk space to carry out other activities or place your laptop along with other accessories. You also get a rectangular utility tray on the right side which comes in handy for storing your controllers and games when not in use. The legs are crafted from good quality steel for better support.

A handle on the edge helps you pass the cables through it to avoid mess around the desk. The desk is ideal for beginners besides, it is backed by  1 year worry free warranty. Overall it is a decent choice for a minimal price of $72. It is available in small, medium and large size respectively to meet various requirements. These are all the reasons to included this desk in our list of best gaming desks of year 2020.

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9. DXRacer Desktop Gaming Desk

DXracer is a premium gaming brand known to manufacture top-notch furniture since long. The material used in the craftsmanship of the desk ensures that the quality of the DGD/1000/NW Newedge should not be questioned. The desk is constructed from quality wood, metal and carbon fiber. All three of them have been assembled together using the finest of the nuts and bolts to derive this masterpiece and considered as one of the best gaming desks of year 2020. 

It’s unconventional design and shape is what makes it so appealing to the eyes. On the working front, it is insanely durable and can withstand the heavy weight of standard gamer’s hardware catalog.  It provides fantastic features followed by a proper cable management scheme. However, the assembly of the desk is quite tricky but on the contrary, instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow. 

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10. Ameriwood Dakota L- Shaped Best Gaming Desk 

The traditional hardwood desk provides enough space for your gaming sessions. However, unlike other L -shaped gaming desks on the list this one can’t be divided into two separate parts. The desk features a classic look with a large surface area for your monitors and even a TV. There are two open shelves on the side to store gaming DVD’s, controllers, consoles and other gaming accessories. To make it look more authentic you can place a photo frame and books on the desk, as it has enough space to accommodate such things.

best gaming desks 2019

I hope this guide on the best gaming desks of year 2020 will prove to be useful in letting you chose the right desk for yourself. You can mention other options in the comment section below which you want us to include on this list. Meanwhile feel free to share with us which one you decided from this list of best gaming desks of year 2020 to buy for enhancing your gaming experience.


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