best cpu coolers for threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx

As other aftermarket PC products, it’s all up to you to locate the right GPU cooler. That program is special, so if you stay in a warm area year round you have to remember the environment as well. 

The purchase of GPU coolers from the aftermarket is not as common as a fresh CPU cooler. It is since GPU coolers are not as usual. Nonetheless, more consumers are searching for this on the market without a clear description of what to buy and what to expect for them. 

Having said that, this guide should certainly help you make the best choice if you are looking for a decent GPU cooler and don’t know where to look.

This is especially true for multi-core optimized tasks such as rendering if you are using the CPU since you will run the Processor for long periods at full capacity. 

The last thing you want is an unreliable cooler that can allow your CPU ‘s thermal limits to surpass and eventually surprise and underperform your system. 

We had just a few coolers for these amazing CPUs when the huge EPYC and Threadripper processors from AMD were launched. AIO water cooling style with no air-cooled heat sinks was noticed for most of the workstations and pedestal servers coolers.

We have enlisted 3 best cooler for Threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx  considering the facility, services, reviews, and each alternative side. We wish, you to check out the list and simply choose from there and quickly. If you are short in time.

Top Picks In a Nutshell

Please now follow our brief overview of each other cooler, if you have come to this stage and want to compare each cooler with another. We would like you to consider the perfect cooler.

Top 3 Best Cpu Coolers for Threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx: Reviews In 2020

1. Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 (Top Choice)

best cpu coolers for threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx

The NH-U14S TR4-SP3 was shown to work well at the lowest temperatures relative to the other air coolers in a recent efficiency comparison against socket Noctua TR4 Air CPU coolers. 

Sadly, while there is no choice in the current period of a large variety of TR4 CPU-coolers with decent efficiency, we are not confident that hearing assurances from several manufacturers would improve early. This being said, Noctua’s NH-U14S TR4-SP3 is the strongest in the TR4 section, based on the user interface, feedback, and real-world benchmarks.

The Noctua NH-U14S supports all the Thread Ripper CPU’s and making it one of the finest coolers you will find today with its price-tag. 

One point to remember is that it may be challenging to maneuver in smaller instances at an altitude of 6.75 inches. 

It contains 6 copper-plated nickel heat tubing, a large heatsink aluminum, and a 140 mm PWM fan.

Key features :  

  • Height: 171.45mm
  • Width : 151.4mm
  • Depth: 52.3mm
  • Base Height: 25.1mm
  • Cooling Fans : 140 x 25mm

Things we found bothering :

Going through the short description, you may have got the matter that may bother you. Yes, we are talking about its size. It is very very suitable for builders who love comparatively large cases. It will be a perfect match for them. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

2. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

best cpu coolers for threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is the quiet cooler of serious service! With the thread ripper Processor, it’s a perfect quiet cooler. 

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a powerful dual-black cooled tower cooler that can work in almost every setting. A painted aluminum frame with a single 120 mm front and 135 mm rear front fan on each of the seven thermal holes. It’s got a black casket. It’s got a black bonnet. Look great! Look amazing! Look fantastic! Be beautiful! Be nice! Be great! Be beautiful! Be nice! Be great! Respect yourself! Respect yourself! Be pleased! Be thankful! Be healthy! Be pleased! Be thankful! Be healthy! The frequency level cap is 24. The three dB(A) definition is much calmer than the one suggested by Noctua.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a perfect contender for a really quiet construction of thread ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx, with two 140 mm PWM fans that give silent activity. 

If you are not in support of the Noctua color schema or you want a superb and smart CPU cooler that provides superb performance, the Dark Rock Pro 4 is suggested to replace the thread ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx.

Key features :  

  • Two virtually inaudible Silent Wings PWM fans
  • A funnel-shaped frame of the front fan for high air pressure
  • Achieves only 24.3dB(A) at maximum fan speed
  • Seven high-performance copper heat pipes
  • Airflow-optimized cooling fins; cutouts enhance the RAM compatibility

Things we found bothering :

As a CPU cooler you may find the warranty session much shorter. Many other CPU manufacturers are offering more time for warranty. But guess what, we gamers keep changing our cooler now and then, and three years are not that much short time.

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

3. Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler

best cpu coolers for threadripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx

The chain of double towers was led by NH-D14. These cooler Noctua sadly skipped their spot on the top. 

Every original client of the NH-D14 is described in the revised Noctua version. For certain instances, you can use the cooler to modify or erase the memory, for instance without a wider database authorization. 

This air cooler in dual design has a 140 mm dual fan and a cooling power equal to an AIO of 280 mm liquid following the popular NH-D14. The fans run very softly, rendering the thread ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx incredibly silent CPU cooler. Besides the potential for cooling.

The NH-D15 is 160 mm high, and it definitely is not the smallest refrigerant, but we suggest that you use this cooler whether it’s in your 2950x /2920x /2990wx. The NF-A15 fans have acoustically designed structure and anti-vibration installed structures of SSO2 magnet bearings of respect to noise reduction. As for benchmarks, these features have proven once again that the NH-D15 can be the quietest cooler in the above-mentioned tests of all CPU refrigerators.

Key features :  

  • Model: Noctua NH-D15
  • Widened fin stack and expanded Heatpipe layout
  • 6 heat pipe dual tower design
  • PWM support & Low-Noise Adaptors
  • Excellent component cooling

Things we found bothering :

You may face the problem of not booting while you start your computer. Because of excessive usage sometimes it may malfunction. We suggest you shut down your CPU properly after every usage.

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

There Should Be Some Consideration Before Purchasing Cpu Coolers for thread ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx

You appear fast, but you have some thoughts to think about, particularly for thread ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx, before buying a cooler processor. You can’t just pull the computer out of use if you don’t use it correctly.


Loudness is the main problem. You don’t want anyone on Earth to hear the tone of your cooler. Remember that the loudest cooler is certainly the bigger. 


You might use higher W TDP coolers for cooling stuff when you have a Cpu that’s a little too dry. Say it is a 100W TDP average. That will make the role the greatest.


Its size obviously is the third low-profile cooling feature. Cooler temperatures are the most important thing to keep in mind, as cooler temperatures are always difficult. 


Naturally, the expense is one of the main challenges. We think basically of coolers, especially when you purchase a CPU for $500 or more. You have a procedure on the cooling system.

Bottom Line

The 22950x 2920x 2990wx thread ripper is an excellent device, but under a number of circumstances, it is also considered to produce enormous power. Therefore, it is preferable to buy appropriate equipment for its security if you are going to defend this chip from accidents. 

Yet you need to be able to cool and control energy in order to get the best out of the fairly expensive ripper 2 2950x 2920x 2990wx. You can test the cooling from this guide. 

Currently, some of the most growing CPU coolers have both specifications and key characteristics. We believe you have these things in mind throughout the final decision.


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