Thinking of purchasing an anti-theft backpack and confused which one to buy, don’t worry we will save you from the trouble. In this post, we have listed 10 best anti-theft backpacks.

Back pack is a necessity for people these days. Everyone requires backpacks may it be officials, travelers, and even school kids. Not to be amazed the future anti-theft backpacks are one among the smart gadget.

In our backpack, we carry our essential stuff like wallet, mobile phones, laptop, camera, and clothes and there are best GoPro backpacks as well to keep your action camera and other accessories. Everyone wants a backpack that cannot be accessed by anyone apart from them. Our backpack is a private zone where we don’t want anyone to enter.

Robbery is an unfortunate event which one would encounter while on course of their travel,as it takes splits of seconds to get robbed. In such scenario,it gives you a robust chance to avert such unfortunate event by making yourself equipped with anti- theft backpacks, which makes it tedious for mugger to con you.

So if you are looking for some latest and trendy anti-theft backpacks then you have arrived at the right place here are the 10 best anti-theft backpacks, and they are suitable for people of all ages and profession.

10 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

1. XD Design Anti-Theft Backpack 

This is one of the best anti-theft backpacks which is designed by a start-up company called XD Design. By using this backpack you can avoid incidents like pickpocket while traveling, the USB port will also let you charge your phone. The material is waterproof, cut-proof it has secret pockets and hidden zippers which assures the complete safety of your stuff. 


2. Hanke Anti-Theft Business Laptop Bagpacks

The smart anti-theft backpack consists of features such as hidden zippers which makes it very difficult for strangers to open. Thus, it keeps your belongings safe from getting stolen. The bag is water repellent and can be cleaned easily due to PVC coating. The built-in USB port lets you charge your mobile and electronics conveniently.This one is best on the anti-theft backpack list.


3. Travelon Anti-Theft Slim Backpack

This one is a compact and slim anti-theft backpack. It includes compartment locking, and slash resistant, anti-theft feature. Thus making it very hard for thieves to open the bag. The straps are detachable and can be used to lock the zippers. The main compartment had RFID blocking card and passport slots and tethered key clip with LED light.


4. CoolBELL Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

This anti-theft backpack has the main zipper well hidden inside the bag. It’s tough for thieves to steal from this bag as there are no zippers outside.  Built-in plastic sheets make it cut resistant, thus keeping your belongings safe inside the bag. The built-in USB port lets you charge your device anywhere.


5. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

This is one of the best anti-theft backpacks which has the zipper on the main pocket completely hidden at the back of the bag. Which prevents the risk of potential thefts. The water-repellent fabrics prevent your belongings from getting wet in the rain.

The best feature about this anti-theft backpack is a built-in USB port, which lets you charge your phone conveniently, while travelling. This is on the top of the best anti-theft travel backpack.


6. Joyelife Anti-Theft Backpack

This anti-theft backpack manages to hide the main zipper behind the back, thus preventing the risk of potential theft during travel in crowded areas. There are multiple hidden compartments for safeguarding your valuables while travelling from getting stolen or damaged. It has a built-in USB Port for charging your mobile phone, and it is very comfortable to carry.


7. Sosoon Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

This anti-theft backpack keeps your valuables safe; it has hidden zippers and invisible pockets at the back of the bag. The material used for making this backpack is polyester which is scratch proof, water repellent, and tear proof, thus, keeping your gadgets safe. The USB port is an add-on and a very friendly feature for charging your devices without much hustle. It is very lightweight and comfortable to carry.


8. Uoobag Slim Anti-Theft Backpack

The anti-theft backpack for working professionals who often commute through local transportation and myraid crowd. This anti-theft backpack can fit  14-15.6 inch laptops comfortably. The bag contains multiple pockets and a separate compartment for easy access to your stuff. It consists of two way dual zippers which assure absolute safety. The Nylon fabric is water repellent and easy to clean. The thick and soft straps make it easy to carry.


9. Mancro Anti-theft Eco-friendly Backpack

It is one of the best anti-theft backpack available, one can shun the risk of getting musgged or robbed. The bag comes with a combination lock and metal zippers. The secret compartments in the bag to keep your valuables hidden and safe. The bag is made of up of eco-friendly, durable nylon fabric. The S curved padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry around.


10. Kopack Lightweight Anti-Theft Backpack

This affordable theft proof backpack keeps your valuables secured with hidden zippers. The padded layer inside the bag keeps your stuff safe from shocks. The design is very sleek making it very comfortable to carry while traveling. The water-repellent fabric protects your belongings from getting drenched in the rain; It is available in different sizes. It is the best anti-theft bag suitable for traveling.


I hope this article was helpful in finding your best anti-theft backpack. If you already own one let us know in the comments below along with the qualities and drawbacks, and which one do you recommend and we will try to add in our list of best anti-theft backpacks. You can also mention the best anti-theft backpacks which we might have missed to add to our list.

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