Your amazon Echo Dot which you might have bought or will buy in the future can help you complete so many tasks without the need of moving around. You can turn off the lights, stream your favorite music turn off your TV control your AC just with the help of some additional accessories. That is why, we thought to bring up the list that will include some of the best Echo Dot accessories you should have to accompany your Echo Dot device to increase its proficiency.

Earlier the Echo Dot was only accessible to Amazon prime users before being made universally available. The tremendous success of Echo Dot let to counterpart launch of amazon second gen Echo Dot. The device is available at an affordable price of $50 which makes it a must-have. So if you people have already brought Echo Dot or planning on having one then here is the list of best Amazon Echo Dot accessories that might prove to be very useful for you.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

1. GE Link Smart LED Bulb

As we have already mentioned that you can use your eco device to turn on and off the lights from any corner of your home simply by a voice command. However, for that, you need a compatible LED bulb. GE link smart LED bulb is the best-LED bulb which we will suggest to buy. It is capable of giving the output of 800 lumens that is equivalent to 60 W and lightens up a big room.

You can manage the GE Link smart bulb by simply connecting it to the wink app on your mobile phone. Once your bulb is set up with Echo Dot afterwards it is fully controllable through your voice commands.  It also let you smartly schedule the timing to turn on, off and dim the lights according to your routine. GE Led light bulb consumes 80% less power compared to other traditional lights. It has a very easy installation process and has a lifespan of 22 years if you use it for 3 hours for a day.


2. WeMo Switch Part Smart Plug for Echo Dot 

Wemo Switch operates on preexisting wi-fi connection at your home and is fully compatible with your Echo Dot. It lets you control the lights and other electronic pieces of equipment at your home wirelessly. Just get yourself a WeMo switch plug it into an electrical outlet and install the free WeMo app on your phone. Once you are done with the setup then you can easily control the lights and variety of electronic equipment at your home from any place in the world.

Connect your WeMo Wi-fi enabled the switch to Amazon Echo and you are ready to go. You can synchronize the lights sunrise, sunsets and other external events according to your preferences. Schedule the automation of lights according to your mood and routine and you can change them whenever you want. It works with Nest Thermostat so your lights and appliances automatically “know” when you’re home or away, and respond accordingly.


3. Alexa Voice Remote for Echo Dot

Alexa Voice remote is the official remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot and that is why one we have mentioned in our list of best Amazon Echo Dot accessories. It has an integrated microphone for far fetching your lousy voice from a distant room. It is compatible with Echo and Echo Dot, it lets you choose from the variety of tv shows available by a simple assistance of your voice.

All you have to do say Alexa and the genre of the show you want to watch it will display the list of options from which you can choose. Though it is a smart device and operates on your voice command but is also consists of dedicated volume keys and keys for play/pause previous and next feature. It can be connected via Bluetooth to your tv for hand free operating, the remote comes with 2x AAA batteries for immediate use.

Talking about Amazon Alexa, we would like to introduce to our other article that has list of best Amazon Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets of year 2018 that will help you to automate your home easily.


4. Nest Learning Thermostat for Echo Dot

Nest thermostat is one of the latest Echo Dot accessories to mention. It is 3rd generation Wi-fi enabled smart thermostats from an American home automation company. It is compatible with google assistance as well as Amazon Alexa. Nest thermostat is fully automated and can be operated via smartphones through an app. After the usage of a week, it smartly recognizes the kind of temperature you refer during the different timings of the day. Thus it starts to automatically adjust the temperature as the time approaches.

It uses sensors and location of your phone to identify if you are home or away from home so it turns itself off to save the energy. It is one of the best Amazon Echo Dot accessories one must have in recent days.


5. Nexx Garage Remote Compatible Door Opener

Compatible with both Google and Amazon Alexa Nexx Garage is a good Echo Dot accessory in which you can invest your money. This accessory allows you to operate your garage doors through a voice command. The device consists of a geofencing feature called ‘Just Drive that automatically opens and closes the door by detecting your presence. It can be accessed by multiple people and also send you a notification in case you have forgotten to close the door. The device comes with a mobile app that works on Android and iOS.


6. iRobot Roomba Vaccum Cleaner for Echo Dot

iRobot Roomba vacuum is a smart cleaner that can be commanded using both google assistance and amazon Alexa. Now you can clean your home from any corner of the world just by downloading iRobot HOME app to control your Roomba vacuum cleaner via your smartphone. Dirt detecting sensors alert the Roomba to work hard in the area of concentrated dirt. The full suite of intelligent guides the robot under the furniture area. Ones you are done with the cleaning you can command the Roomba to summon itself to the home base.


7. iHome iAVS1  Stereo Speaker System for Echo Dot

The integrated speakers in Amazon Alexa Echo are not much loud and clear that why you need iHome iAVS1 Bedside Stereo Speaker System for Amazon Echo Dot. 

Just connect the included cable connectors and slide in your Echo Dot inside this speaker accessory, the sound is loud enough to fill the room. It has a Glanceable watch and consists of a USB port for charging your mobile phones and other USB compatible devices.

This is new in the market and that is why considered as one of the latest Echo dot accessories. Stay tuned, we are are coming up with some other best Echo Dot accessories in this article.


8. Amazon Echo Dot Case

Luckily Amazon manufactures clothes for this tiny Echo Dot device. Echo Dot cases are sleeves that hide the shiny plastic body of amazon Echo and makes it look stylish and vibrant in the home. They are available in varied colors in fabric and leather. It gives you access to all the ports and buttons along with the full visibility of the light ring from the other side. No list of best Amazon Echo dot accessories could be complete with the Amazon Echo Dot case, right?


9. August Smart lock 2nd Generation for Echo Dot 

Well you might be guessing it wrong, nope August Echo compatible smart lock does not operate on your voice command, a lock working on the voice is not a good idea it sounds crazy. Well, August smart lock automatically locks the door whenever you go out and opens when you approach. You can also create virtual keys for multiple users and keep the track of entire day that who opened the door and at what time. You can operate the lock through Apple HomeKit on your iPhone.


10. LIFX Z Multicolor Smart Light Strip for Echo Dot

Who does not like colorful and multicolor bright light in their house. All you have to do to is simply put the strip lights in the setup you prefer. As I already mentioned the lights are colorful thus, you can control the brightness and change the colors of the lights using Echo Dot. These lights can be controlled using google assistant and amazon Alexa, the brightness is up to 700  lumens though you can dim it down according to your convenience it works like the charm. It is very easy to change the color and control the brightness you just have to tap on your smartphone by using The free LIFX app or command the Alexa.


11. The Deluxe Wall Mount Hanger for Echo Dot 

The deluxe mount by Dot genie let you hang your smart Echo Dot speaker anywhere, where there is a plug to stick in. The smart deluxe wall mount hanger has a built-in hole to fit in your Echo Dot speaker and it comes along with a USB cable and a wall charger. The deluxe mount is easy to install and works with a vertical and horizontal outlet while installing it does not block the second plug. They only come in two colors that are black and white makes sure to match it with your Echo Dot. This is another inclusion when it comes to best Echo Dot accessories.


12. Fremo Evo Plus Battery for Echo Dot

The biggest drawback of Echo Dot is that it does not have builtin battery but this problem can be resolved by Fremo evo plus battery for Echo Dot. The Fremo Evo plus easily attaches to your Echo Dot with an integrated magnet without causing any interference. 5200Mah top tier Cell let you Echo Dot speakers to work continuously for 6 Straight hours.

The LED lights indicate the remaining power, the intelligent battery system allows the user to leave the device on charging without damaging the battery. Fremo EVO plus is very lightweight and has a compact design and it comes with an anti-skid mat for added stability. That is why we have featured Fremo Evo Plus in our list of best Amazon Echo Dot accessories.


13. Logitech Harmony Home Hub Smart Entertainment

What’s good then a device that will let you control the entire entertainment setup of your home. The harmony hub is a smart home controller that allows grouping together the multiple entertainment units at your home to do some pretty cool things. By using the Harmony App† and a wi-fi connection you can create the customized activities to control your entertainment preferences.

The harmony Hub also lets you control the devices behind kept behind closed cabinets. You can combine up to 8 remotes using the app and control the entire system at your home just by tapping on the screen of your smartphone tablet or sending voice commands through Alexa.


14. Mr. Coffe Smart Coffee Maker

Imagine waking up to a coffee every day at a fixed time throughout the week, feels amazing right ?. Yes, Mr coffee smart coffee maker must be the most desirable product in our list of best Echo Dot accessories as it let you set reminders for coffee. You can brew your coffee while you may still be in bed and by the time you will get up your coffee will be ready.

You can control the timings and brewing options by using the WeMo app that will be installed on your iPhone or smartphone. The stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot. The brew basket is removable for easy cleanup and installation, you can operate the coffee maker manually as well. If you want your coffee just by commanding your Echo Dot then get yourself this coffee maker.


15. UE Roll 2 Volcano Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Echo Dot 

With IPx7 waterproof rating, UE roll makes for the perfect Echo Dot waterproof speakers. You can place these speakers in your bathroom and listen to the music endlessly while you are taking shower. You can change the song whenever you want by simply commanding the Echo Dot. The sound quality of the speakers is pretty nice you won’t be disappointed. You can pair up with two devices with the speakers and connect it using the Bluetooth. The battery lasts up to 9 hours once fully charged.


These are all the best Amazon Echo Dot accessories that will help you to make your life easier. These are the best Echo Dot accessories available on the market lately, feel free to share your experiences and reviews in the comment section below if you have used any of these. . We might have missed some names to include on the list though we will keep updating the list with all the latest and best Amazon Echo Dot accessories.


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