3D printers are becoming widely popular among the users, the market of 3D printers has expanded vividly over the years. Following the increasing popularity and demand, several companies have introduced 3D printers into the market leading to a vast competition among various enterprises.

With myriads options available in the market, it gets really difficult to decide which product will work best for you. Don’t worry I feel you and I am here to help you in deciding to choose the best 3D printers for yourself. After spending several hours researching different 3D printers I came up with the list of best 3D printers of the year 2020.

What is a 3D printer?

Here is a brief intro for the viewers who are completely unaware of the specifics of a 3D printer. A 3D printer is a machine used to print a prototype physical model of an object by adding various thin layers of material.

These models prove to be useful in various sectors as medicine, architect, arts or helping your kid by designing 3d models for his science project. The technology is becoming popular due to its cost-effectiveness and easy application.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at the list of best 3D printers of the year 2020 that you can think to buy right away.

Best 3D Printers of the Year 2020

1.QIDI TECH High precision double coloring 3D printer 

QIDI TECH best 3D printer is equipped with the latest dual extrusion technology that covers all bases of printing for education, home, medical and engineering, etc. The integrated curved metal plate for printing the 3D model can be heated up to 120℃ and can easily be removed once you are done. If you don’t have enough time to finish the model you can choose the power breaking point function to pause the printing and later resume it to complete the process. The touchscreen LED display with user-friendly interface allows you to control the printing options seamlessly while also keeping you updated with the real-time printing status

2. LulzBot Mini Desltop 3D  Printer

For beginners, it is quite hectic to get their hands on the advanced technology behind 3D printers. The Lulzbolt is one of the best 3d printers available on the market which is highly compatible for the beginners. The printer accommodates all the requirements for the beginners such as setting the resolution (high, medium, or low), Which eliminates the fuss of understating exaggerated settings like extrusion speed, infill density, or hot end temperature etc.

The device lets you choose the level of complexity, with the straightforward and simple interface you can have full control over your printing parameters. It is a great pick for beginners because it does not block yours just for learning more once you are familiar with the basic. You can continue digging deeper and keep enhancing your knowledge about your 3d printer.

Beginners are not very familiar with the problem of bed adhesion, well you need not worry. The PEI surface on LulzBot Mini printer heated glass bed keeps prints in place without the additional need for solvents or glues. It allows printing from different materials.

Best 3D printers for 2018

3ZMorph 2.0 SX – Basic 3D printer

As I already told 3D printer has come a long way since they came into existence. Numerous options are available too making it difficult to pick the perfect one for yourself.

The ZMOrph is one of the most advanced printers, it consists of all the features that one can imagine and that is the reason we have included this one in our list of best 3D printers of the year 2020. Along with a 3D printer, it is also a laser cutter and CNC mill hence, all in one. Once you are done with printing you can cut those objects precisely whether made out of plastic, real wood, glass and much more. It allows you to print in 30 different materials giving it a place in the top 10 3D printers. The interchangeable additional tool head system, which can change those heads within a matter of seconds.



4. MakerBot  Replicator 3D Printer

With the new and improved version, MakerbotBot replicator+ was introduced among users following the success of previous MakerBot. The new MakerBot is enhanced in all aspects of performing hence, it is quieter and faster than the previous version.

It offers a high-quality printing experience using 1.75mm polylactic acid (PLA) filament. It is highly durable and user-friendly to use at home, it is a perfect pick if your budget gives you permission to buy it.


5. Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer

Ultimkaers 2+ is one of the finest and best 3D printers accessible for professional use. It provides exuberant print quality and utmost reliable for creating 3D models. If you want to print multiple 3D models delivering the accuracy and neatness this will be your perfect pick. However, it is a little complicated for beginners as it is designed focusing on the requirement of professionals.


6. Formlabs All-in-One 3D Printer

It is one of the most expensive and efficient 3D printers on our list of best 3 printers. Its quality of print rules out all the printers on this list. In spite of having extremely advanced, it’s user interface is very beginner friendly. It’s one of a kind to deliver dimensionally accurate, detailed and the robust structured 3D prints.

It does save you a lot of time, the Formlabs 3D printer does not squirt layer by layer through the nozzle to build the desired 3D model instead  Form 2 uses a laser projection system to “outgrow” objects out of a pool of UV-curable resin. It has an inbuilt app that lets you check the status of your print even when you are away. Formlabs is loaded with a bundle of great features which makes your 3D printing hassle-free.


7. SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX 3D Printer

SeeMECNC printer manager to gather popular among the list of budget-friendly 3D printers on the market. What distinguished it from the other printers is its delta-style robot system which offers improved printing speed and smoother curves on finished objects.

One more advantage associated with a delta design feature of this printer is, that it allows you to print in large volume. It can print objects up to 265mm in diameter print area and can produce parts up to 400mm tall in measurements.

It can be modified given the number of toolkits available, which lets you print in different materials and let you modify the printer according to your requirements.

Best 3D printers for 2018

8. HICTOP Creality CR-10 3D Printer 

HICTOP is delivered to your doorsteps in 3 sets, which hardly takes min 30 mins to assemble following the proper guidelines. It consists of a full metal frame and large build volume and heated build plate, it is capable of providing printing abilities that of an expensive 3D printer at such a minimal price.

With high accuracy bearings and quality parts, makes the printer very stable and quieter when printing. The PCB board allows it to print continuously for 200 hours without putting any pressure.

The aluminium bed and an attached tempered glass ensured the formation of flat design and eliminate ate risk of wear and tear while printing the model.


9. Monoprice Mini 3D Printer

Monoprice is the cheapest and cost-effective 3D printer on our list of best 3D printers of the year 2020. Most printers at this cost are delivered to you as kits but monoprice comes as a fully assembled and is calibrated by the factory before being delivered to you.

Even at such as affordable price the features and quality of the printer are not compromised. It can print wirelessly just via wi-fi which is a feature found in a high-end 3D printer. However, it has some drawbacks such as time-consuming printing process and limitation to the volume and the size of prints it can produce.

Best 3D printers for 2018

10. Flashforge Finder 3D Printer 

The tiny and affordable printer requires calibration only once and then you can print indefinitely. However, for optimal results re-calibration is advised to keep it going. The sturdy and plastic alloy hardware construction ensures stable and neat prints. The sensory button on the LCD display simplifies the operation of the printer.

The only downside to this printer is a limitation of material which can be used to print, you can print using PLA only due to no heated bed. It is a sturdy and affordable pick for beginners.


I hope this list of best 3D printers of the year 2020 will help you in choosing the suitable 3D printer matching your requirements. If there are other affordable 3D printers that I might have missed to include in the list then feel free to mention in the comments we will update the list. The above listed 3D printers are the best in the market as of now we will expand the list once we will manage to get our hands to test some best 3D printers out there.

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