In the latest event, Amazon unveiled several All new Echo devices for you to consider. This article will talk about them in details so you can make the decision if you want to buy. From all new Echo Show to a kitchen sink and a smart plug Amazon pretty much-covered everything they could. These all-new Amazon Echo devices are Alexa compatible and will work just fine with both existing and New Amazon Echo products. You can check the list of best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets of year 2018 to find out what you are missing.

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You might get overwhelmed to see myriad devices, and it will get confusing for you to decide which one of the new Amazon Echo devices are worth investing your money. In this article, we have gathered all the information about the latest members of the Alexa family including price, specification, and features.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at all the best new Amazon Echo devices you can buy right away.

New Amazon Echo Devices

1.Echo Plus

Meet the all-new Echo Plus Dot, the predecessor of successful Echo Dot. The new Echo Dot is equipped with speakers, powered by Dolby play for an improved sound quality and an integrated temperature sensor. It consists of a built-in ZigBee smart hub which allows you to control smart devices at home through voice commands.

The new features allow for offline connectivity, which gives you the facility of sending commands to Alexa even in the absence of an active wifi connection. You can always count on Alexa to control smart lights, switches, sensors, smart door locks, and more.


2. Echo Sub

Following the success of Amazon Echo, Amazon introduced several accessories to accompany Echo dot. Echo Sub is a subwoofer introduced by Amazon compatible with Echo Dot. It adds a rich bass for an enhanced experience of music at your home. It delivers 100W deep bass sound through a 6″ woofer.


3. Echo Show

Echo Show is the revamped version of its predecessor Echo Spot. Echo Spot sports a new look with a vibrant 10.1” HD screen for enhanced video experience. It is equipped with a Zigbee smart home hub and improved speakers powered by Dolby. It allows you to view weather forecasts, watch videos, connect ZigBee devices without the need of a separate hub.

You can also watch unlimited videos, movies and stream music with Amazon music and Prime video subscription. You can set alarms and reminders using the Echo Show, monitor your video doorbell etc. Eight microphones with far-field technology allow Alexa to hear your command even when loud music is playing around.


4. Echo Dot 3 Gen Smart Speaker 

Echo Dot 3 is an upgraded version of its contemporary Echo Dot which was introduced to the world by Amazon in 2016. However, Earlier it’s basic motto was just to input the command from Alexa, but the upgraded version sports newly designed speakers with an improved sound quality. The new speakers are convenient for playing your favorite music using Amazon music, Spotify pandora etc. You can always listen to the news and the latest updates and control Echo compatible home appliances. It allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously through a single voice command.


5. Amazon Smart Plug 

Amazon Smart plug is the latest addition to Echo devices, which facilitates automatic scheduling of lights, fans air conditioners and other appliances at your home. It allows you to set timers to automatically turn on and off or control the devices even when you are away. The smart plug is equipped with a tiny microphone which response to Alexa commands. You can name the plugs so it would be easy for Alexa to determine which device you are trying to control. The smart plug allows you to control almost everything electronic by a simple voice command through Alexa.


These are the devices which are already available on to buy however, there are plenty of new Amazon Echo Dot devices which are available for pre-order. In the coming time, Amazon will reveal more Echo Dot devices so for those revelations stay tuned with us, as we will update the list as soon as we will manage to gather information about all new Amazon Echo Dot devices that are yet to be announced by Amazon.


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