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If you are a hardcore gamer or just an immature in the world of best PC video games you need to invest in numerous gears such as best gaming routers, keyboards, mouse, headsets, etc. to boost your performance in the gaming sessions. Gaming headset is one of the most crucial gear and plays a significant role in gaming. It allows you to communicate with your teammates for better cooperation and assistance.

There are a variety of gaming headsets available on the market regardless of their price, specification, and model their main job is to let you communicate with your allies. So amid a variety of options, it gets quite overwhelming to decide which one to buy. Well, you don’t have to stress yourself with such thoughts anymore as we have a solution to your problem, here is the list of  10 cheap gaming headsets under $30, which will help you choose the best one for yourself that too in the budget.

Even they are in budget, these cheap gaming headsets doesn’t compromise on the quality. So, what are you waiting for, hit a jump and check all the best gaming headsets under $30.

10 Cheap Gaming Headsets

1. A60/OMG Stereo Headsets for Gaming

Sades is equipped with a bunch of crucial features to be included on the list of cheap gaming headsets under $30. Comfortable fit with closed earcup design for external noise canceling, convenient to use during long gaming sessions for maximum comfort and better sound quality.

Stainless Steel Extendable arms for durability, the integrated gaming mic is highly sensitive and durable which provides crystal clear sound which does not crackle while you adjust your headphones. Line controller with function keys for voice control and mute switch, lightweight design making it an ideal choice for prolonged gaming sessions.

cheap gaming headsets

2. Patriot PV3302JMK High Definition Stereo Headset for Gaming

Patriot features high-quality super soft materials for the ultimate performance making it one of the cheap gaming headsets under $30. Patriot consists of soft ergonomic earcups to block out the external noise disturbances to keep you focused. Integrated foldable microphone with noise canceling provides with crystal clear audio for better communication. Volume keys are located on the ear cup eliminating the need of controller on the chord that weighs the headset down.

cheap gaming headsets

3. Nubwo Gaming Headset

Nubwo is exclusively for gamers, it aims to provide absolute comfort even during long hours of use. Its not that expensive too even after topnotch quality and that is the reason we have put it in the list of cheap gaming headsets. This professional gaming headset consists of high-quality stereo sound and extreme bass for maximum sound clarity for an enhanced gaming experience.

It features noise-canceling microphones which perfectly captures the gamers voice while eliminating the unwanted noises in the background. Rotatory volume adjuster on the ear cups for added convenience, the strong bass makes it convenient for listening to music as well after a tiring gaming session.

cheap gaming headsets

4. Bengoo G9000 Stereo Headphone for Gaming

Bengoo is compatible with a series of devices including Play station and Xbox and Tablet etc making it one of the best gaming headsets under $30. Equipped with noise isolation feature followed by strong bass for improved sound sensitivity and clarity.

Integrated with an Omni-directional microphone for transmitting high-quality communication, along with noise canceling feature to eliminate background noises. Comfortable design in accordance with human body engineering to prevent hearing impairment and maximum comfort. An anti winding long braided USB cable with rotatory volume controller for the effortless volume control system.

cheap gaming headsets

5. MSI Gaming Headset

MSI is an efficient and lightweight gaming earphone in the range of $30, it consists of two large 40mm drivers for quality audio. It fits your ear and head comfortably for extended gaming sessions, high-quality speakers for noise reduction accompanied by an adjustable Omnidirectional microphone which leaves no room for miscommunication among the team members. Crystal clear audio quality for natural sounding balanced tones with little background noises. A fully functional remote controller for seamless access to volume buttons and vibration control.

cheap gaming headsets

6. Jamswall Gaming Headset

Jamswall offers a high-quality sound with its built-in 40mm magnetic neodymium driver which makes it a considerable option to fit on the list of cheap gaming headsets under $30. Equipped with an omnidirectional noise-canceling mic to reduce unwanted background noises for high quality and communication during the game. User-friendly design with soft foamed earcups to keep you comfortable during prolonged gaming sessions. Easily accessible volume controller with and one key mute switch for your leisure.

cheap gaming headsets

7. Diwuer Stereo Bass Headphones

Diwuer offers premium sound quality at such a minimal cost, it is absolutely reliable for vivid sound quality and clarity. It consists of an adjustable microphone that can be adjusted according to your preferences for communicating with your teammates besides, the earcups prevents the external noise from causing any disturbance. It features superior quality adjustable solid steel slider to fit all head shapes which ensures you a superior comfortable gaming experience. The long comfort of placing audio controls right where you want them and this is the reason we have included this in our list of best gaming headsets.

cheap gaming headsets

8. iClever Noise Reduction Gaming Headphones

iClever features an impressive 7.1 surround sound with dual 50mm strong speakers, which offers strong bass for creating a perfect environment for experiencing the thrill of the gaming world. It consists of an adjustable auto-fit headband which can literally fit any head, along with skin-friendly leather memory earmuffs for external noise isolation.

The ultra-sensitive and noise-canceling microphones with easy to adjust angles make your voice highly clear and audible for better coordination with your teammates. Comfortable design for prolonged gaming hours and colorful breathing LED lights to accentuate the atmosphere of gaming.

cheap gaming headsets

9. Version Tech G2000 Best Gaming Headset

Version Tech is compatible with almost all gaming devices. It features an omnidirectional adjustable microphone that can pick up your voice till 360 degrees, MIL grade braided cable with volume and mute buttons.  High-grade 50mm driver with neodymium magnets delivers full bass which lets you experience the sounds very precisely and clearly. The soft padded headband for a perfect fit without causing any strain, and fully padded ear cuffs for noise restraint.

cheap gaming headsets

10. Onikuma Stereo Gaming Headset

Onikuma is one of the best gaming headsets under $30 with 4-star rating by users on Onikuma always comes with an innovative design and the latest technology to provide the best gaming experience.  It features best in class driver and mic, high grade 50 mm drives which deliver clear bass followed by an omnidirectional microphone for crystal clear communication with the team members. Adjustable headband to fit any size along with breathable earpad for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions.

cheap gaming headsets

This is the list of cheap gaming headsets Under $30 that will help you choose the best one for yourself to enhance your gaming experience. We will keep updating this list with more upcoming affordable headsets, meanwhile feel free to mention which one you decided to buy and why. You can also list the cheap gaming headsets that we might have missed to include on this list.

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