The regular qwerty typing keyboards are outdated now, due to the strain they cause during long hours of typing. So if you prefer comfort and want to stay productive throughout the day you won’t mind spending a few bucks on the innovative best wireless ergonomic keyboards.

These best wireless ergonomic keyboards are designed in such a way so that your palms and wrist can rest comfortably on the desk effortlessly. They prevent the strain that is caused on your wrist and elbows over the time due to long hours of typing. There are numerous people who shared their experience of comfortable typing with these ergonomic keyboards.

So if you are also looking for the best wireless ergonomic keyboards for an enhanced typing experience then we have brought the list of options from which you can choose the most qualified version for yourself.

The Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards

1. Microsoft Surface Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft surface is one of the best wireless ergonomic keyboards which facilitates smooth typing for long hours. It is compatible with any Windows 10 that supports 4.0 Bluetooth and a wireless keyboard, or wireless based input via USB keyboard. The double cushioned arched shape pad for palm rest ensures absolute comfort and causes no strain to your wrists even after hours of typing. It requires charging via AAA batteries and has a battery life up to 12 months.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards


2. Logitech K350 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

With 4 star rating on Amazon and majority of positive feedback from customers, Logitech K350 comes second in our list of best wireless rgonomic keyboards. The wave-shaped keyboard and a cushioned palm rest are like butter on the bread. The keyboard is perfect for dealing with long hours of typing without stressing out your wrists and elbows.

The wireless feature eliminates the messy tangling of wires around your work desk and Logitech Unifying Receiver connects both your keyboard and mouse to your laptop through wireless technology, it has a durable battery which can last up to three years. It has an additional feature for adjusting the height of the keyboard according to your comfort. The functional keys make it easy to download apps and perform several shortcuts to save you some time.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

3. Kinesis Freestyle Ergonomic keyboard

For the people who desire extreme comfort and unique design than kinesis is one of the best wireless ergonomic keyboards to fulfil your desire or absolute comfortable typing for long hours. Though, this is not a wireless ergonomic keyboards, we loved the design and usability of the product and thought to include in this list of best wireless ergonomic keyboards.

It is compatible with Windows 7,8,10  as well as Mac. The fully split design allows to place your hand however you want. It connects to your desktop or laptop via Bluetooth technology, an embedded numeric keypad ensures easy access to the number keys, and hotkeys allow easy access to several shortcut features. You can buy additional accessories such as VIP3 or V3 lifters to adjust the height of the keyboard according to your comfort. However, kinesis is a standard keyboard however, it lacks the cushioned palm rest but you can buy gel pads to place your wrist at comfort.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

4. Fellow Microban Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Microban is the best wireless ergonomic keyboard that is budget-friendly and provides premium features for such a minimal cost. The Microban antimicrobial protection keeps your product clean and offers a more relaxed and natural position to your hands for typing.

There are seven hot keys included in the keyboards for managing multimedia and one touch internet access. The split design provides added comfort while typing, the USB connectivity makes it easy to use without the need for any software suite. The separate number pad is there which eliminate the need of searching number on the top of keyboard thus saving you some time while improving your productivity.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

5. Matias Argo Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Reduces the risk of pain in writs and arms during long hours of work. The compact design made the access to the mouse much easier thus restraining the pain that can be caused to shoulders by the regular movement for reaching the mouse while typing. Matias argo is suitable for the needs of people who like low force keys for smoother typing. It has all the accessories included you don’t have any additional to customize it. It comes with 4 colors of interchangeable pam supports, it is equipped with leg supports for adjusting angles while typing.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

6. MoKo Universal Portable Ergonomic  Keyboard

Moko Universal has a sleek and light weight design, it qualifies as the most portable keyboards on our list of best wireless ergonomic keyboards. And it looks even better that you can fold it and carry around.

The exterior of the keyboards resembles more to a Kindle book than a keyboard. The innovatively designed keyboard weigh only 6 ounces and can be easily fitted into a purse and bag when you fold it. It provides a very comfortable typing experience, the built in rechargeable batteries can be charged using any USB port. However, the device is not compatible with windows 8.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

7. Razer Ornata Chroma Ergonomic  Keyboard

Razer Ornata is one of the best wireless ergonomic keyboards for the buyers looking for a mechanical keyboard along with the premium features and comfortable typing experience. This keyboard is best suited for gamers, given the features like colorful LED backlighting and a curved wrist rest making it easy to use for long gaming hours. The mid-height keycaps allow for easy and fast keystrokes and it is capable of executing 10 commands in a single go and same time.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

8. Mistel Baracco Wireless Ergonomic Split keyboard

The Mistel ergonomic keyboards are specifically designed for gamers, programmers and typing enthusiasts who look out for fast typing action with minimal resistance. The 3 built-in layouts Qwerty, Dvorak and Colemak along with 3 customizable layouts are perfectly suitable for programmers and typists.

The keyboard can be divided into two parts allowing it to be positioned for a neutral feel, eliminating the strain on wrists which improves the productivity and reduces the stress. The minimal hand movement for comfortable typing and being adaptable for traveling is one of the most imp features of the split keyboard, it is highly durable and has a robust design.

best wireless ergonomic keyboards

So far these are the best wireless ergonomic keyboards currently available at your disposal for most comfortable typing experience. I hope the following guide will help you in choosing the best wireless ergonomic keyboard for yourself. Feel free to suggest the names of more best wireless ergonomic keyboards you want us to include on this list.

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