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Gone are the days of hustling between a bunch of remotes to control your entertainment unit actively. There are many best universal remote controls that has taken place in the world of entertainment over the course of time.

The Universal remote control simplifies the juggling by connecting multiple entertainment audio/video devices to a single control system. It saves you a lot of confusion and eliminates the confusion that you had to go through while you have to switch between multiple remotes for controlling the system.

These best universal remote controls provide you the ability to jump to favorite channel in just a snap, besides this, some of them are Alexa compatible hence, they allow you to control the smart home gadgets just by a simple voice command.

After spending hours we have gathered a list of the best universal remote controls to help you in picking up an ideal remote control to match your needs. So without any yearning proceed further to get yourself an ideal universal remote control.

The Best Universal Remote Controls

1. Logitech Harmony 650 All-in-one Remote Control

With the capability of replacing 8 remotes combined, Logitech Harmony makes one of the best universal remote controls. It features a 2.4-inch colored smart LED display to show you the list of your favorite channels icon and the required commands to control the associated device. It also consists of ‘One-touch Activity buttons’ which can be programmed with several commands such as “watch a DVD” for handy navigation. It is compatible with up to 6000 brands so that you won’t have to worry about buying another remote in case you decide to replace your current device.

The Best Universal remote control

2. Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Elite is an extensively powerful remote with the ability to control up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices. Besides, it is Alexa compatible which pretty much allows you to control the entire entertainment unit along with the other electronics at your home through the buttons as well as a voice command.

The built-in touchscreen allows for an easy navigation, it consists of features like “one touch activity” which allows for automatic power on/off and switching to a different device in just a touch. The harmony hub included in the package, let you control the devices placed insides the cabinet without the need of pointing the remote at the device. The harmony android app turns your smartphone into an individual remote to take control of the device while you are away from home.

best universal remote controls

3. Philips Universal Remote Control

Philips SRP5018/27 features a traditional design but unlike the regular remotes, it has the ability to control up to devices giving it 3rd position on the list of the best universal remote controls. It is equipped with quick access buttons for streaming Netflix and Vudu. Backlit device buttons for added convenience at long binge-watching sessions during the night. It supports an ample number of devices including Satellite boxes, Blu ray player, home theater and VCR etc. It lacks the touchscreen feature and efficiency like Logitech ones, however, it consists of enough set of features for such an affordable cost.

best universal remote controls

4. Inteset Universal Backlit Remote Control

Inteset INT 422 is exclusively dedicated to streamers making it one of the  best universal remote controls. It has 4  pre-programmed keys devoted to work with Apple TV, XBox One, Media Center/Kodi and Roku. Besides this, the remote is compatible with 100,000  other devices. The Full LED Backlighting for the convenience of late night binge watchers. Inteset remote allows you to program up to 32 commands in a single button so that you can turn on/oo all the connected devices with a single button press. Intuitive button mapping for close resemblance to the original device, to prevent second guessing.

best universal remote controls

5. Logitech Companion Universal Remote Control for Smart Home

Logitech harmony all in one features a robust design however it lacks touchscreen display, unlike other counterpart harmony remotes. Besides this, it is compatible with Alexa to provide voice-activated which making it your one spot controller for your home entertainment system. It gives you the convenience of controlling up to 8 different devices. It works with over 270,000 devices, thus eliminating the need of replacing the remote everytime you buy a new device or get rid of the old one.

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best universal remote controls


6. SONY RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control

SONY has long been thriving in the race of reliable electronic manufacturers in the  Industry. This time it came up with the best universal remote controls which makes a centralized control for all your entertainment devices. It pairs up to 8 devices with pre-programmed commands, besides this, it has 12 dedicated system control macro functional buttons. It features the traditional design with backlit and rubberized buttons for a seamless user interface.

The Best Universal remote control

7. GE 33709 Cost effective Universal Remote Control

Searching to buy an affordable but efficient remote on the list of best universal remote controls than GE 3370 is the answer to your query. It controls up to 4  audio/video devices such as Television, DVD players soundbars etc. The Comprehensive code library compatible with all gigantic Television manufacturer brands. The master volume control allows the GE to control the volume of all connected devices. Highlighted  A, B, C and D buttons for easy access to your favorite hardware units. It runs on 2 AAA batteries which do not require a  replacement for over a month. The best part is the availability of remote in 5 different colors to pick from.

best universal remote controls

8. Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Media Remote Control

Logitech Harmony 350 is the cheapest among the series of harmony remotes on the list of best universal remote. It saves you the time spent in juggling by replacing the need of multiple remote controls. It consists of a broad compatibility, as it Works with 225,000+ devices and 5,000+ brands, including new devices that are added regularly into the database.  It features a one-touch button which allows you to jump on any of your 5 favorite channels. It comes with an effortless setup that can be easily accomplished in just a few minutes.

The Best Universal remote control

9. Logitech Harmony 915 Touch Screen Universal Remote control

Logitech harmony is an exceptionally powerful universal remote with the capability of controlling up to 15 devices in time. The standout feature of the harmony is 2.4 inches colored display for simplified navigation. It allows you to change the channel or control the volume with just one tap on the screen. You can store up to 50 icons of your favorite channel on the screen for one-touch access. Besides, all these features the remote supports over 225,000 devices and 5,000+ brands and consist of a very easy setup process.

The Best Universal remote control

10. GE 24991 Universal Remote Control

GE 24991 may not be the prettiest on the list of best universal remote control but it works efficiently for such an affordable price. The compact design makes it’s easy to hold on, it can control up to 3 audio and video components such as Television, Blu-ray and satellite boxes etc. It is compatible with all the major Television brands along with all the latest devices.  Features automatic power off along with code search function that saves you a lot of time and hustling.

The Best Universal remote control

That’s all folks, I hope this article has proven helpful in convincing you to get rid of your traditional remote and opt for an effortless, sleek and powerful universal remote to control entire entertainment system at your home. And I assume this guide about the best universal remote controls will help you in choosing the most convenient universal remote for your requirements. There are plenty of option to choose from please let us know in the comment section below which one you picked from our list of best universal remote controls.


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