Looking for the best travel routers? We have got you covered. Travel router allows you to enjoy the same benefits and power of the internet which you enjoy on regular basis at our home. We spent a lot of time in research to come up with the list of best 10 travel routers currently available on the market.

These days most people want to stay connected digitally for various reasons even if we are are traveling, which is practically possible due to the availability of wifi almost everywhere but sometimes in remote locations, we lose connectivity due to weak signal strength. Travel routers are specifically designed to eliminate this problem permanently.

A portable router can be carried everywhere to solve such common internet issues while you are on the go for months. During traveling, you have to stay in hotels where the internet is mostly slow thus causes frustration, or in some cases, you are restricted to you use multiple devices. A travel router is one stop solution for all such problems, it allows you to connect multiple devices by bridging the network and also let you create a secure personal network connection using a pre-existing wired network.

From the number of options available for best travel routers, you can choose the best for yourself from the list given below.

The Best Travel Routers

1.TP-link N300 Portable WiFi Travel Router

Looking for the best travel router that can fit in your pocket than we have got you covered. The TP-link has managed to get positive reviews from the users so far and it is here to stay. With a minimal weight 7.2oz it doesn’t feel heavy to carry around, it turns into a personal hotspot for your family members allowing to connect multiple devices.

It allows you to extend signal coverage for maximum signal strength. TP-Link N300 is capable of hitting up to 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed, thus allowing you to stream the videos smoothly. It supports chromecast and has an integrated micro USB port for powering it via an external adapter or charger.


2. RAVPower Wireless Travel Router 

Looking for a device more than just a travel router, that can help you in shedding some weight of additional travel accessories from your bag. RAV power is a multi-functional device which allows accessing several features integrated into it. A portable travel router, 6000 mah power bank, SD card reader and a media streamer RAV  has so much to offer. It also works as a wifi- extender, if you connect it to a pre-existing wifi network you can share it with your friends and family members.

best travel routers

3. HooToo N300 Wireless Travel Router

HooToo wireless travel router is a decent choice for travel enthusiasts and this is why we have opted to put it in our list of best travel routers. The integrated Ethernet port coverts the wired network to a wireless one and helps you to turn it into a hotspot for easy sharing with friends and family. The 10,400mAh induced power bank can charge your phone up to 3 times.

The micro USB ports are hidden under the flaps to keep them protected from dust and dirt, it weighs only 9oz and does not require much space in your suitcase. It allows you to connect up to 5 devices that can simultaneously that can access any connected USB storage to watch the same movie on their screens.

best travel routers

4. TP-Link N150 Wireless Portable Router

TP-Link N150 is the best travel router available on the market, it is the tiniest router on the list. It can power up to 100mbps and has a 2.0 USB port for connecting a modem. It offers the same features and TP-LINK N300 at such an attractive price tag. However, the only side to this portable router is the speed which is a little slower at 150Mbps.

best travel routers

5. GL.iNet AR300M Mini Travel Router

The GL AR300M made it to the list of best travel routers due to its speed of 300mbps which can be faster than the current router at your home. It allows you to convert the local network into a private protected network. It is compatible with 3G/4G modems and just weighs 1.41oz. It can be plugged into any laptop or power bank or 5V DC adapter for recharging.  It is equipped with storages of 128MB RAM and 128MB Nand Flash.

best travel routers

6. GL.iNet GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router

At such a minimal cost GL.iNet GL-AR150  offers various features making it one of the best travel routers on our list. It is a smart solution for travelers looking to convert the local wifi network into a secure personal network. It has a built-in storage of 64MB RAM and 16MB Flash, which can be further extended using external USB sticks.

This router can convert your phone tethering and 3G/4g modem USB modems into a private wifi network. It is compatible with over 20 VPN service providers, It can be easily charged by plugging it into any laptop, power banks or 5V DC. It can offer network speed up to 150mbps, with a minimum weight of 1.41 ounces and a very compact design makes it easy to carry around in pockets and backpacks.


7. TRENDnet AC750 Wireless Dual Band Travel Router

The portable charger comes with interchangeable power plugs North America, Europe, and the U.K and has a compact design, making it highly compatible with international travels. It offers super-fast speed up to 433mbps making it one of the best travel router.

TRENDnet is the faster router available on the market, provided with very rapid setup time. Apart from the offering the quality of high speed it also allows you to stream videos, song, photos to a smartphone or TV or other DLNA-device seamlessly. No matter in which place you are , you can always connect the TRENDnet router to the existing wireless network and turn into a password encrypted personal network.


8. HooToo Wireless Travel Router

Looking for a best travel router cum power bank then HooToo is here to meet your requirements. It converts an existing wired network into a wireless within a matter of seconds, it also allows you to bridge an existing wireless network into a personal secure connection. You can backup videos and photos from your smartphones, pads etc to other device attached to USB flash drive or hard disk. By connecting it to DLNA devices such as TV, Chromecast you can seamlessly stream the videos, pictures, and music on the connected devices.

best travel routers

9. URANT Wireless Router 

With 300mbps transfer rate urant managed to make it up to our list of best travel routers. The 300mbps is a deal speed for streaming videos, playing online games and downloading files. The 315 ° integrated antenna boost up the signals making it more reliable for an independent wireless connection. It is preferable by users due to its wall plug design and is compatible with all mainstream devices such as smartphones, tablet and iPhone etc. It provides secure network by offering Wireless protection  WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS and that is why we consider it one of the best travel routers.

best travel routers

10. TP-Link MR3040 Wireless Travel Router

TP link weighs only 2.76 making it an ideal travel router to carry around while you are on the go. In spite of having a compact design, it consists of various impressive features such as RAM, 150mbps transfer rate making it a  power packed performer. It allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously under a secure network , eliminating the risk of malware attack and unauthorized access. With an inbuilt dedicated button, users can switch between 3G/4G Mode, WISP Mode and AP Mode.


Here is the list of best travel routers we came across, for the contrary we might have missed to include few names on the list, feel free to suggest more travel routers to include on this post, in the comment section below. If you have used any of the given routers you can share your feedback to help other users in picking the best travel routers for themselves.


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