Traditional locks are so old-fashioned these days, we all know the world is going tech-savvy and with the changing times, it is convenient to replace your traditional locks with the best smart locks of the year 2020. Smart locks are equipped with the latest technology, with these locks there will be no headache of managing keys. Apart from keeping your house secured, it aids to safeguard your home from the potential danger of robbery. These best smart locks are also capable of monitoring, who is breaking into your home while you are away. Some of these locks come under best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets and Google Assistant, thus they can be controlled using voice commands and your smartphone to open and close the doors.

As mentioned that these best smart locks are loaded with latest and smart technology features such as auto-locking feature, voice activation, one just have to send the command “lock the door”, which will enable the voice over command mode which will eventually lock the door. You can also set a perimeter around your house and use the location of your mobile to keep track of your pinpoint location, the lock will automatically activate the predefined parameter range once you will leave the rooted perimeter.

The installation process of the best smart locks of the year 2020 is very easy, you can use the standard pre-drilled holes to fit in the smart locks. The process of installing these smart locks will not take more than around 15-20 mins, none of these locks require you to have some special skill set to affix them, a regular drilling machine and some bolts will do the work. There is a variety of best smart locks of the year 2020 from which you can pick the most convenient one which caters your needs, they assure the absolute safety of your home even when you are away.

The Best Smart Locks of the Year 2020

1.Nextrend Electronic smart lock

Running late for office and not sure whether or not you locked the door on your way to the office. Well, you don’t have to panic and certainty you don’t have to back to your place to be sure, because the nextrend smart lock automatically detects and shuts the door if it remains open for 5s – 120s. It is compatible with Bluetooth and comes with an integrated smart app that allows you to manage the security of your home at your fingertips via your smartphone. Besides managing it via phone you can also lock and unlock it using fingerprints, physical keys and pin codes. It runs on 4 AA batteries and is backed by 30 days worry-free return & exchange service combined with a 1-year warranty.

2. August 3 Gen Smart Lock Pro Alexa Compatible

The August Smart lock is ranked first by everyone on the list of best smart locks of the year 2020. August smart lock can be monitored and controlled from any given place, it helps you track who breaks in and moves out of the house in your absence. Only August in equipped with door sensing technology, which assures if the doors are confidently closed or not. The most convenient feature of an August smart lock is that you don’t have to remove your pre-drilled deadbolt in order to fix August,  you just have to replace the inside portion of your deadbolt and keep your previously rooted lock and keys for manual access. Apart from keeping the manual keys you can also create virtual keys for your friends and relatives and keep track of 24 X 7 via activity log on your smartphone.

It is very easy to install, does not require any wiring or additional drilling. The lock comes with a built-in app for your smartphone and is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, Nest and Xfinity. The Lock automatically approaches as you move closer to the door, and engage behind your back. An LED indicator in the center of the housing starts glowing green when the door is opened and red when it is closed. So you never have to worry about the security of your home in your absence.


3. Schlage Connect Touchscreen Enabled Smart Lock

With ANSI Grade 1 Schlage smart lock offers the highest residential security. It is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled using iOS, it is integrated with Durable Resistive Touchscreen with a matte finish to protect your screen against fingerprints and smudges. The built-in alarm technology alerts you when someone moves in and out of the house, the alarm has 3 alert settings it helps you detect activity, tamper, or forced entry.

The Z wave technology connects with your home automation system and controls the door of your home remotely via your smartphone and web. You can create virtual keys for different users in the form of a unique code to unlock and lock the doors in your absence. The lock is Alexa and iOS compatible and operated with a rechargeable battery. The installation process is very easy, it intuitively detects the direction the bolt needs to be thrown during installation. No more worries about losing and forgetting the keys, go keyless with all new Schlage best smart lock of 2020.


4. Yale Security Z Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

Yale Deadbolt lock is integrated with backlit touchscreen keypad that secures your door with unique codes. It consists of a built-in alarm that will alert you when someone will try to tamper the lock or will attempt to break the house using numerous passcodes. Equipped with Z wave technology, thus the lock is compatible with the automation systems and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone. You can create up to 25 unique codes for individual members of your family, and change them whenever you want. It runs on 4 AA Batteries and if the batteries inside the lock die, you can connect a 9-volt battery backup to gain temporary access to your house which is a nice feature.

The installation process hardly takes 10 minutes to set it up to your existing deadbolt. The lock is Alexa compatible and is available in three varied shades satin nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. This is the reason we have included Yale in our list of best smart locks of the year 2020.


5. Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smartlock

The touchscreen-enabled smart lock is Apple Home Kit compatible, you can control check the history, remote accesses the monitor by commanding the Siri. You can customize up to 30 different codes for your friends and family members.  The secure screen provides additional security, it asks you to enter two random digits prior to entering the code assigned to you for preventing the risk of fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface. The master code restricts the secondary users from changing the security, the built-in security alarm alerts you by sending a notification when a wrong code is entered thrice consecutively.

It also lets you track which code was used last to enter the house and what time, you can also stay assured by checking the status of your lock on your smartphone. The installation process requires you to be comfortable with changing your hardware.


6. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Smart Lock

The Schlage sense smart lock free you from the hassle of missing or forgetting keys in the car. Go keyless with the smart lock and manage the security of your house using your smartphone. You can connect the Schlage Sense smart lock to Apple’s HomeKit to further optimize your home security. The memory holds up to 30 access codes at a  time, thus making it convenient for large families and frequent trusted visitors. The built-in alarm alerts you when someone tries to tamper the lock or any damage is done to your door, assuring the absolute safety of your home.

The installation process is very easy as it operated on battery so it does not require any wiring. The battery indicator will remind you to charge it prior weeks before it may go out of power. Just add the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter to your home Wi-Fi network to lock/unlock from anywhere on Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


7. Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock

Turn your smartphone into the key of your house with Kwikset Kevo Smart lock. Kevo is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Honeywell Thermostats, Nest Learning Thermostat and works on your voice commands by connecting it with Kevo plus hub (sold separately). You can operate the lock just by a tap from your Android smartphone and iOS by installing the Kevo app in your phone. It offers keyless, touch-to-open feature by using Bluetooth technology, which recognizes your smartphone and authenticates your identity.

The Kevo lock is smart enough to recognize if you and your phone are inside or outside the house before locking. Thus when your phone is indoor Kevo maintains the security and will not unlock if touched. The Kevo smart app lets you track who locked and unlocked the door and at what time. The Kevo fob is included with the smart lock which offers the same Touch-to-Open convenience to the Kevo smart lock, it is perfect for people who don’t use smartphones. The Kevo smart lock is very secure both technically and mechanically with ANSI Grade 2, BHMA Certified, and UL Fire Rated, promising the best in home security and that is why made it in our list of best smart locks of the year 2020.


8. Lockitron Bolt Smart lock

Lockitron is a smart lock to safeguard your home, you can access it from your smartphone with the Lockitron iOS and Android app and also connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It is Alexa compatible, hence you can control it by sending voice commands. The integrated sense feature technology recognizes when you approach and automatically unlocks the door, though it lacks the feature of automatic locking.

You can share the keys with other members using the smart app and keep yourself updated with the notifications when the bolt is activated while you are away from your home. It runs on 4 AA durable batteries, it consists of very simple functionality and is very easy to install.


9.  Danalock V2 Bluetooth Low Energy SmartLock

Danalock is metal body lock and looks elegant on your door. With Danalock you can easily lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, it always keeps you updated on the status of your lock whether it is locked or unlocked. It can be operated via Bluetooth, touch button, mobile app or manually by a traditional key.

You can share the keys with your friend’s, family members while you are vacationing anywhere around the world and keep track of who enters your house and when.


10. Ultraloq Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Door Lock

Ultraloq is world’s first  5-in-1 keyless entry smart lock, it is designed for the real keyless feature, you can use your fingerprints, code key or smartphone to unlock the door, you can also just knock on your phone 4 times to open up the door. You can operate the Ultraloq by connecting it your smartphone via Bluetooth or an integrated app for your smartphone. It also enables you to keep track of the users through activity log on your smartphone.

The lock is equipped with dust, dirt and scratchproof and waterproof fingerprint scanner, which lets you enroll 95 fingerprints. It is one of the best smart locks available on the market in recent days.


11. Kwikset Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt

Kwikset Wave is Alexa compatible with voice control. You can install it easily to your pre-drilled deadbolt for keyless entry. It is compatible with Z wave home automation systems which enables it to communicate wirelessly through other devices at home. Patented side lock bar technology eliminates the risk of potential lock bumping, an attack technique used to defeat conventional pin & tumbler locks.

You can lock the door with a single touch, in case if you have forgotten to lock the door in a moment of a hurry the door will automatically lock after 30 seconds. Now lock and unlock your doors hassle-free from any corner of your house and program up to 30 unique virtual keys for your friends and family members along with a master key coded for additional security benefits. The lock is available in three finishes satin nickel, polished brass, and Venetian bronze to match the interior of your home.


In this list, we have included a variety of best smart locks of the year 2020, some of them are Bluetooth enabled and works with Alexa while others are iOS compatible and comes with a dedicated app to operate them. You have ample choices to decide which smart lock will be most convenient to assure the safety of your house. You can also mention the names of best smart locks which you think are worth including in this list.

Feel free to share your views and experience in the comment section below regarding the usage of these smart locks. We will keep updating the list with the best smart locks of the year 2020.

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