The smart plug significantly aids to your busy and hectic lifestyle, it lets you control a number of home appliances and electronics even when you are away from your home. Besides this, your dream of having a tech-savvy home should not cost you a fortune when you can fulfil it with a minimal cost of just $30. Yes, you heard it right the best smart home plugs are an easy and cost-effective medium to upgrade to your home to a smart home, these plugs help you control the appliances, Christmas lighting, and many other electronics through your fingertips. All you need is an active wi-fi connection and a smart plug.

These best smart home plugs are very easy to install and operate, so now all you need to do it so to find the best smart plugs from the list given below.

In this article we have listed various best smart home plugs from a number of manufacturers, along with that we have listed their specifications to help you buy the right one for yourself.

The Best Smart Plugs For 2020

1. Etekcity Voltson Mini Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug

Etekcity comes with an integrated power tracker to track the total consumption of electricity by the connected devices moreover it also detects which device is consuming the most energy, which makes it one of the best smart home plugs for 2020 on this list. With Etekcity you can customize a schedule to automatically turn on and off any home appliances and electronics like coffee maker, music system lightings etc.

You can control the device on your smartphone from any given location through Vesync, all you need is an active internet connection. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and googles assistant for voice control. However, on the downside currently, it does not support Homekit and SmartThings.


2. AUKEY Wi- Fi Smart Home Plug

Akey is an inexpensive and efficient smart plug with a user rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon by several users, as it is known to live up to the expectations. It allows you to set a timer to automatically turn on and off all the connected devices. AUKEY Home app will let you access the home appliances and electronics anytime even when you are miles apart with an active wifi connection. Besides this, it is compatible with Alexa and Google assistance which helps you control the devices through voice command from any corner of the room.

Best Smart plugs

3. iClever  WiFi Mini Smart Switch

iClever is your instant ticket to a tech-savvy home which makes it one of the best smart home plugs for 2020 on the list. It is power efficient and helps you save a lot of money on your electricity bills. The smart technology will automatically turn on and off the lights at a chosen time with the help of a timer. With the free iClever, Smart Life app on your smartphone and tablet you will be able to operate the electronics and appliances without requiring you to move from your bed. It offers a hand free control of the devices through voice control feature. It is absolutely safe to use and will automatically turn off the electronics when the time is out.


4. iHome HomeKit Enabled Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The best thing about iHome is that it is among the few best smart home plugs which are HomeKit enabled. Besides this, it is compatible with a bunch of other platforms including  Nest, Smart Things, Wink, Amazon Alex, and Google Assistant. The Pre-paired remote control which comes really handy when guts are in the home, however, you can always control the smart plug with your smartphone or via voice command. The plug is very responsive and reliable and lives to the expectations and can fit into any standard 120V AC outlet.  It features a very slim design which blends in with any home interior.


5. iiDevices Energy Monitoring Smart Home Plug

iDevice let you create unlimited schedules to automatically turn and off the associated electronics and appliances according to your daily routine. The integrated iDevice app helps you track down the power consumption of each device individually on your smartphone or tablet besides this it also allows you to control the connected devices from your office as well. It works with Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google assistance for hand-free access to the appliances.


6. TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

TP-Link is packed with all the essential features for such a reasonable price and that is the reason we have included it in our list of best smart home plugs. The HS 100 allows you to create multiple schedules to automatically turn on and off your home appliances even from the distance. It also permits you to create separate schedules for each connected device at any given day of the week in advance. The energy monitoring functionality helps you to monitor real-time energy consumption of each device, so you can prevent overuse of devices that require a lot of power. The integrated app works with your Android smartphone and tablet and it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.


7. Geeni Dual USB Port Smart Plug 

The standout feature of the Geeni smart plug is it’s 2 Universal ports, so you can charge your mobile phones, the bar style Design of the switch leaves enough space for the second mobile to be charged simultaneously. It does not require any additional hub to operate, however, you can control the appliances, lights coffee maker from any corner of the world by using the Geeni app on your smartphone, it is very responsive to commands.

Best Smart plugs

8. WeMo Insight Smart Plug

WeMo features a sleek design with an array of features such as monitoring energy consumption, setting timers for automatically turning on and off the lights and appliances. The “Away mode” your lights turn on and off randomly which confuse the intruders and make them feel like someone is some, which keeps your home safe. It works with a number of home integrations like Nest, Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice support. WeMo app allows you to control your devices without requiring you to move from your place. All these features making it one of the best smart plugs for 2020.

Best Smart plugs

9. EuFy Smart Plug By Anker

Eufy is an affordable, small sized unit that works well with Alexa and Google assistant.  It is very responsive and reliable, works efficiently when connected with Wi-Fi. Unlike other fancy models, It won’t track down the real-time energy consumption by the appliances but, it does help you to get an estimated idea about the number of dollars that will be added to your electricity bill this month.

Best Smart plugs

10. TP Link Electric Component Smart Plug

The compact smart plug won’t block the second outlet on the wall panel, no matter where you plug it. It comes with an easy setup process and requires just an app to let you control all your devices on your fingertips with an active wifi connection from any given location. You can set up timers and set schedule to synchronize the lights with dawn and dusk. The away mode keeps turning on and off the lights on random timing to keep your home secure from intruders.

the best smart plugs

I hope the following article about the best smart home plugs for 2020 will prove to be helpful for you in choosing the right one for yourself. We will keep updating the list with more upcoming smart plugs, meanwhile, you can tell us in the comment section below which one you decided to buy, and also feel free to mention any other smart plug that I have missed to include on this list of best smart home plugs for 2020.



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