If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts then we have got you covered. Such accessories are highly crucial for safe driving. It is not advised to operate your phone while you are driving; however, while driving on an unknown route we rely on GPS navigation, and these best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts allow you to access that feature without indulging your hands. You can attach them to the dashboard and windshields and access the maps or talk to your family members while you are driving without requiring your hands.

Some of these best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts even allow you to charge your phone wirelessly while you are running late or forgot to put your phone on charging during the night.

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There are numerous options available, but after spending hours in the research, we have managed to compile a list of best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts for you to buy.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Car Mounts

1. Montar – Strongest Galaxy S10 Car Mount

Your phone will never fall again with the Montar by WinnerGear, thanks to the U.S patented suction cup. Compatible with all smartphones and works with the bulkiest cases. Insert and remove your device easily with one hand and the rubber grip will keep your smartphone protected from scratches.

The Montar can be used on windshield and dashboard and it was picked as one of the world’s best by top tech experts: ZDnet, Mashable, AutoExpress, and more… The best part? no marks are left on the dashboard and it works with textured dash as well as curved ones.

Side note: Genuine Montar with warranty can only be purchased on WinnerGear’s official website so beware of cheap knockoffs.

best samsung galaxy s10 car mounts

As a special introductory sale of the new Montar 2.0, the company is now offering 15% off and free worldwide shipping (no coupon required but its for a limited quantity).


2. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

The WizGear Galaxy S10 car mount holder features a very simple design; it consists of a sturdy rubber base and a strong magnetic head for holding the smartphone. It gets attached to the air vent of your car, which makes your phone easy to reach while you are driving.

The high-quality rubber base ensures that the mount stays glued solidly to the magnetic head of the mount to keep your smartphone in place. The universal car mount produces an extensive attraction that keeps your smartphones secure regardless of the vibrations and impacts on the road. It comes in a pack of two in case you misplace the first one.


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3. iQttie Car Mount for Galaxy S10

iQttie one-touch release has long been people’s favorite, as it allows for one hand lock/unlock operation through a single touch. It provides a strong clamp hold to users vent blade while also minimizing the vibrations to prevent the risk of slipping away. It remains cools and is equipped with a wireless charger to offer hassle-free charging to your device while you are driving. The best Galaxy S10 car mount can be adjusted to both landscape and portrait mode as per your convenience.


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4. Spigen Kuel Car Mount for Galaxy S10

Spigen has always been my favorite when it comes to manufacturing the best mobile accessories and this is the reason we have included Spigen’s mount in our list of best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts. The mount features soft TPU that prevents scratching and is equipped with a gel pad that adheres to the dashboard.

It is easily removed and installed by using single hand beside it accommodates landscape media viewing. It is pretty sleek and does not occupy much space.


5. VICSEED Magnetic Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

VICSEED is fully rotatable and offers flexibility while viewing the GPS on your phones’ screen. The magnetic mount consists of an extremely strong Rubidium Magnet N52 that holds your phone firmly to the dashboard while you are driving.

The rubberized exterior keeps the car’s air vent free from scratches and is extremely easy to insert and remove. The VICSEED Lacks brackets, clamps and gel adhesives, unlike other car mounts. It is backed by 12 months warranty in case of any inconvenience. All these reasons makes it one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts and that is why we have included in our list.


6. WYNK Magnetic Galaxy S10 Car Mount

The WYNKK magnetic car mount can be rotated up to 360 degrees to offer maximum flexibility for road navigation. It offers a strong grip with its anti-slippery surface even on the bumpy roads. You can either install the car mount on the cooling vent or mount it to the car panel using the adhesive. It is ideal for home and office and uses as well. Besides the WYNK guarantees a hassle-free 1-year warranty in case of any default in the product and because of all reasons we have included it in our list of best Galaxy S10 car mounts.


7. TORRAS Car Cradle Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

The easy to install TORRAS car mount for Samsung Galaxy S10 features 4 top-level neodymium magnet to offer an excellent grip. Just insert the clip directly to the air vent to hold your phone securely while you are driving on the bumpy roads. The high-quality alloy body followed by a metal ball joint and liquid silicone allows you to rotate your phone at 360 degrees. The super strong magnetic grip holds your phone securely, and the magnetic pull does not hamper the signal.


8. VISCEED Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

This one from VISCEED is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts that features a cradle for extra safety unlike the previous one. The one-touch release and locking system saves you a lot of time while you are running late. The integrated cradles hold your phone securely and provide a stable viewing angle, unlike other magnetic car mounts.

The automatic adjustment makes it convenient to slide your phone in and out of the stand regardless of its size. The rotatable mount facilitates landscape and portrait angle viewing. It features a stylish design and is crafted from tenacity plastic and solid aluminium alloy and is backed by 30-day fast refund service and 12-month warranty for each car phone mount.


9. Miracase Samsung Galaxy S10 Magnetic Car Mount

The Miracase Galaxy S10 car mount can be easily mounted on the dashboard of any given car and one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts. It features 6Pcs super strong magnet that holds your phone securely and prevents the risk of falling down while you are driving. It features 3 turners that allow you to adjust it to the angle of your preference. Besides, it offers 180 Days of Warranty if you face any problems with the device.


10. Bestrix Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

Bestrix is constructed from high quality and innovative material which makes it one of the best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S10. It features double clip clamps that offers a strong grip on the windshield. It is effortless to install and is integrated with a strong magnetic surface to hold any smartphone in any angle for hand free media access while you are driving.  It is strong, portable and does not block the view; the silicone surface is non-slippery and does not form scratches during installation.


11. IPOW Magnetic Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

IPOW is one of the best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S10 that features strong N45 magnets and hold your phone securely regardless of the vibrations caused by bumpy roads. The strong suction bases prevent it from wiggling and heat resistant gel adhesive at the base ensures that it stays in the place. The 5-inch long flexible goose arm neck can be adjusted to the angle of your choice and allows for hand free GPS navigation while you are enjoying your road trips.


12. Bosynoy Car Phone Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

The case like magnetic car mount is undoubtedly is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts. The one-touch lock-unlock feature followed by triple reinforcement on the dashboard ensures the absolute safety of your device on bumpy roads.

The anti-slip silicone base is coated by adhesive silicone film that is washable and reusable so that you can use it in the other car too. The soft rubber padding prevents the scratches, and the soft rubber mats clamp the phone firmly. It also prevents the reflection of the light during sunny days. It is available in 3 shades to match the interior of your car.


13. LTS TS30 Wireless Charging Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10

With 2 in 1 functionality charger and mobile phone holder combined as one makes the best Galaxy S10 car mounts. It allows you to charge your phone wirelessly and access GPS while you are driving. Btw, you can check our list of wireless chargers if you looking to buy best Galaxy S10 wireless charger.

The one hand lock and release system saves you a lot of time and makes it very convenient to use during those long bumpy rides. It mounts securely to the air vents and provides flexible viewing angles for maximum comfort. Holds your phone firmly regardless of the vibrations.


14. Encased Samsung Galaxy S10 Car Phone Holder

The Encased is seeming the best one on the list with its 3 Point adjustability feature. It accommodates vertical and horizontal positions for an optimal viewing angle. The convenient single-hand accesses makes the phone easy to insert and remove in the cradle. It can be attached to both the window as well as air vents according to your convenience. Extreme suction for maximum security on uneven roads.


15. TORRAS Galaxy S10 Car Mount Holder Cradle

TORRAS features easy one hand operational design which is convenient while driving and that is why we have included it in our list of best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts. The smart gravity design automatically locks the clams once the phone is inserted inside the cradle. The soft silicone pads grip securely to the air vents and protect your phone from getting damage on those bumpy roads. It accommodates multi-angle media viewing considering your comfort. Does not block the charging port and is extremely lightweight.


16. AONKEY Phone Holder for Samsung Galaxy S10

AONKEY is designed to work with curved as well as fat dashboards. It is compatible with the various number of phones which makes it one of the best car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series. The 5 sticky points on the base ensure a strong grip for maximum security of your phone.

The heat resistant silicon does not melt in the summer and does not leave any marks. The flexible rubber holders hold your phone securely even on U-turns and irregular roads. It allows you to place the phone horizontally as well as vertically. Besides, it comes with a full refund guarantee in case you don’t like it or face any issues.


I hope this article will prove to be help in choosing the best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts. If you have suggestions feel free to mention those names in the comment section below and we will update the list with more best Samsung Galaxy S10 car mounts.

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