Nintendo is upgraded and to get the best out of it you might need the best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con grips.

The Nintendo Switch can be can be morphed into your desired kind of console you need. Just add the joy-cons to the devices side and you have a directed gaming console. You can remove them and pair the gaming console with the dock to play the video games on your TV while sitting on your bed or couch.

The varied best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con grips improve your gaming experience in different ways. The joy-con grips make the tiny consoles easy to hold and helps you take better control while playing games. They can charge the wireless accessories, you don’t need to switch gaming modes every time one of them runs out of power.

The Nintendo let you abandon the joy-cons completely in case you want to play games on your TV, some controllers are wired so you need not worry about running out of power while you are enjoying your game.

In this article, we have mentioned best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con docks to enhance your gaming experience.

So, why wasting time, have a look at some of the most popular and best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con grips.

Best Nintendo Switch Controllers and Joy-Con Grips

1. Nyko Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch

With the grip power for Nintendo Switch, you can attach your smartphone to your controller and keep it in the field of your vision. It also lets you interact with the online Nintendo app and play the game at the same time.

The clip grip power for Nintendo is a joy-con grip and a medium to keep your smartphone within your reach. It consists of a 3000 mAh rechargeable built-in battery to keep your joy-con controllers charged. The integrated USB charging port gives you the convenience of charging your phone while it is still gripped. You can clip your mobile phone to clip grip power that makes it easy to look at the screen and glance down. The gripping power can store multiple game cards and SD cards with complete protection, just slip in your smartphone in-game power and you are ready to play.


2. Fastsnail Joy-con Grip For Nintendo Switch 

If you are wanting some additional comfort and grip, then Fastsnail joy-con grips are what you need the most. The Ergonomic design provides greater comfort and enhanced grip for the improved gaming experience. It is a good choice for the gamers who love to play games for long hours. It also protects your Nintendo from scratches and dirt thus keeping it clean and new. It is available in attractive colors such as red, blue green and blue.


3. Nyko Swivel Grips for Nintendo

If you wish to have more palm-friendly design try the Nyko swivel grips for Nintendo Switch. The swivel grips are made up plastic with a hollow area to slip your Nintendo into it. The added size and controllers of grips work best and give comfort during a long gaming session. Their design is very handy and does not interfere with the functionality of the buttons or ports. The installation process is very easy, just flip out the plastic edges on both sides while you are ready to play game those edges protects the sensitive accessories from damage.


4. Nintendo Joy- Con Wheels

The joy-con wheels are not technical they are just simple plastic shells just insert the joy-con that came with your console into the center of the wheels and they will provide you a comfortable grip to hold your controller and enjoy your game. So, the joy-con wheels don’t let your fingers get tired of gripping while you are engrossed in long gaming sessions. However, this is considered as one of the best Nintendo joy-con grips if you are playing car racing games.


5. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This one is considered as one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers if you tend to spend more time in your gaming sessions. The Nintendo Switch pro controller is integrated with motion control  HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality and much more. You can charge it ones and then later enjoy longer gaming sessions without the trouble of wires and interruption due to them.


6. Nintendo Switch Neon Yellow Joy-Con

Looking for a stylish and comfortable joy con just buy the neon Yellow joy-con without giving it a second thought. The pack contains two joy-cons similar to the joy-cons that came with your controller. These joy-cons can be used independently in both hands or a single pair when it is attached to the joy-con grip, each of them contains motion sensors. You can use them in handled mode or share them with your friends and enjoy multiple player actions. The gyro sensor makes an independent left and right motion control possible.


7. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

The Nintendo Switch joy-con Charging grip is what you need to buy when you love long gaming sessions, but you get tired of ending gaming sessions because your controllers ran out of power.

The accessory has an integrated battery so your joy-con is always charging when you combine them to form a single game controller. It gets charged using micro USB port along the top edge. You can still play games while your joy-con is charging, it consists of joy-con Charging Grip. All these features make it one of the best Nintendo joy-con grips. 


8. Nyko Core Nintendo Switch Core Controller

The Nintendo Switch core controller does not require charging because you can connect it to your Nintendo Switch’s dock through a nearly 10-foot cable. The LED light in the center keeps indicating you about which player you are. It lacks motion sensors and umble or gyroscope support, it is a decent product and worth the money.


9. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 

The Nintendo Switch pro controller is a game changer for the players who love to spend long hours in a gaming session. The controller is integrated with Motion control, HD rumble feature, built-in amiibo functionality and much more. With this Switch, you don’t have to worry about running out of power amid the game, it includes a USB Type C charging cable to charge it anytime you want.


10. IVSO Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

IVSO Nintendo Switch features a sleek and smooth look, the textured grip gives you a comfortable feeling while holding it. The fast action triggers and soldier buttons and highly sensitive buttons let you experience amazing gaming sessions. It is wireless and compatible with Bluetooth, you can also connect it to your PC via USB. The LED lights give indication while the Switch is charging or running out of power, the products come with 100 % satisfaction guarantee and 30 day return and refund policy.


In this list, we have included the best Nintendo Switch Controllers and joy-con grips. You can share your experiences while using any of the listed best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con grips.

Feel free to share your pick for best Nintendo Switch Controllers & joy-con Grips. We will keep updating the list with all the latest and best Nintendo Switch controllers and joy-con grips.



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