Finding the best Nintendo Switch cases for your gaming console is very essential because admit or not we all get pretty overwhelmed and competitive while being virtually present in the game. We are often carried away while blasting the enemies, or while battling for survival if your handset slips and falls on the concrete floor it is shattered into pieces and so does the heart of a hardcore gamer.

That’s what there are many best Nintendo Switch cases available in the market, to keep your console from the damage caused by drops shocks and falls. Besides these cases also protect the screen from scratches and nasty fingerprints. So investing in a good case for Nintendo Switch will be a wise decision. We have listed best 15 best Nintendo Switch cases to assist you in buying the most suitable one for yourself.

The Best Nintendo Switch Cases

1. Ugreen Nintendo Switch Case

Ugren consists of a dedicated shockproof foam lined slot for joy- con . It has enough space to accommodate all the essential accessories with an integrated zipper pocket for cables memory cards and other tiny accessories. The case features hard EVA and Oxford material which is shockproof and very durable in nature. It absorbs the impact from bumps and accidental falls. Besides this, you can easily fit this Nintendo switch case in your travel bag and carry it around with an integrated handle.


2. Mumba Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Mumba is exclusively designed to safeguard your Nintendo switch and considered as one of the best Nintendo Switch cases. It has a large storage capacity to hold your gaming console, joy cons cables, phone, and other important accessories. Pockets and zippers to separate the slots and allow for a mess-free organization. It is constructed from high-quality durable EVA hard shell and a waterproof surface that acts as a barrier between your Nintendo switch and moisture. The case has a portable design and is equipped with a wrist strap for easy handling.


3. XWH Silicone Protective Case for Nintendo switch

The silicone-based case shields your Nintendo switch from the drop, bumps, and shocks up to a huge extent. On the back, it has precise holes for proper heat dissipation during prolonged gaming sessions. The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip over the console to prevent cramps and discomfort. The silicone material offers easy installation and removal. The cases are available in 4 bright colors to be chosen from and considered as one of the best cases for Nintendo Switch.


4. Pakesi Nintendo Switch Case with Tempered Screen Protector 

Pakesi offers 360degree protection to your Nintendo switch thus keeping it same from day to day collision. Breathable holes on the back for heat dissipation to prevent overheating during prolonged gaming hours. The new upgraded material used to construct this ultra-thin switch is shock absorbent and wear resistant. The built-in tempered glass screen protector is anti-fingerprint and blocks scratches and dirt from piling over the console. Precise cutouts for seamless access to buttons and ports, it is available in red, blue, pink and black color. Some of these reasons make this case one of the best Nintendo Switch cases.


5. Mumba Hybrid Protective Case for Nintendo switch

The shockproof Nintendo switch is what every gamer needs. The premium Clear case with skid-proof material does not turn yellow over the time. Ergonomic design with secure grip handle for comfortable handling, precise cutout for seamless access to ports, buttons, and functions. The shockproof bumper case absorbs the impact from drops and falls making it eligible to keep your gaming console guarded. On the contrary, you might have to buy an additional tempered glass screen protector for the front screen.


6. Jtech Anti-scratch Nintendo Switch Case

Jtech is constructed from shockproof TPU material to provide overall protection to your gaming console from day to day bumps drops and scratches. Ergonomic designs allow for a comfortable grip without causing strain in the hands over the prolonged gaming sessions. Seamless access to all ports, buttons, and function with its precise cutouts. It features a sturdy design for maximum durability besides this the product comes with a lifetime warranty from Jtech.


7. Pakesi Rubber Case for Nintendo Switch

Pakeshi features a translucent back cover constructed from flexible TPU+PC, that blends with the original design of the Nintendo switch. The carbon fibers pattern design offers a comfortable and skid free grip, the inner mesh case for proper heat dissipation to prevent overeating. The case ensures absolute protection of your device from accidental bumps drops and falls. Precise cuts for buttons, ports and vent holes aiding to the benefits of the case. It is very easy to install and remove. The integrated screen guards prevent fingerprint and scratches from piling over the screen. One of these best Nintendo Switch cases are available in 3 poppy colors neon green, red and black respectively.


8. Findway Transparent Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Findaway transparent case features a sleek design which does not any weight to the console, while also letting you display the original design of the switch. The TPU bumper cushions absorb the impact from shocks and drops. The material feels soft in hand and allows for a comfortable grip, it is also very easy to clean. You can easily take off the console when the switch is on the dock, as the case is detachable and protects each part individually. Perfectly aligned cutouts for seamless access to buttons and ports. These are all the reason why we included this case in our list of best Nintendo Switch cases.


9. Finite Ultra Slim Nintendo Switch Case

The premium leather case for Nintendo switches with soft microfiber interior guards it from dirt, dust, and scratches. It has three different viewing angles for playing the games in handheld mode, the elastic strap at the back holds the switch in place during handheld viewing mode. It provides complete protection to the switch when closed. Precise cutouts for easy access to charging ports and buttons. Slim profile with hassle-free installation process for maximum comfort. Available in several attractive designs and colors to match individual taste and preferences.


10. Azgeek Shock Absorbing Nintendo Switch Case

Azgeek is a sturdy and heavy duty protective case for Nintendo switch. It features premium flexible TPU which offers overall protection for your gaming switch while keeping all the ports and buttons accessible. The ergonomic design with anti-slip grip for comfortable handling during long gaming sessions. The integrated kickstand for convenience during hand free gaming sessions, and the adjustable wristband to prevent accidental dropping. The joy con can be detached from the case any time.


11. Hikfly 3 piece Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

The silicone case with an ergonomic design for soft feel and comfortable grip makes one of the best cases for Nintendo Switch. The case shields the console and joy-con from dirt, dust scrapes, and scratches. The non-slip design for secure handling during extended gaming hours. Built-in kickstand convenient for hand free gaming, the cover is detachable hence the joy-con can be parted from the switch. Detailed cutouts for complete access to buttons and ports. Available in numerous colors to help you get your favorite one.


12. Fyoung Nintendo Switch Case with Screen Protector

Fyoung is an ultra slim and lightweight protective case for Nintendo switch, which is easy to hold and feels comfortable in hand. Can be fitted into the dock so you don’t have to remove the case when you switch in the dock The Sturdy material and built absorbs the impact from accidental drops, shocks, and falls. Easy to clean and can be installed very easily beside this it comes with 12 months of warranty. The cases are available in 4 attractive colors for variety.


13. Meo Soft Nintendo Switch Case

Meo is fabricated from soft TPU material to prevent the impact from fall and drops. It also shields the switch from dust, dirt and nasty fingerprints. The ergonomic design for comfortable a grip during prolonged gaming sessions. It has hidden cartridges to store up to 4 games, and an integrated kickstand to play games in handheld mode. Can be stored easily in any travel bag for Nintendo switch. Easy installation and removal besides the can be charged without requiring the removal of the case. How about considered it as one of the best Nintendo Switch cases.


14.  Yorha Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch

The ergonomically designed case for Nintendo switch allows for a comfortable grip during those gaming nights and considered as one of the best Nintendo Switch cases. Protects the switch from shocks, scratches and accidental bumps to prevent any damage. Fully accessible features buttons, ports, and joy-cons due to properly aligned cutouts. The package consists of 8 joy-Con thumb grips for various types of games.


These are some of the best Nintendo switch cases currently available on the market. They are solely designed to protect your gaming console from the impact of accidental drops and falls in order to extend their physical life. You can choose any Nintendo switch case from the given list. We will keep updating the list of best Nintendo Switch cases with more upcoming cases.

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