As a hardcore game over we are obsessed with our Nintendo Switch and always expect to get the best out of it. However, on the contrary, the low battery indicator becomes quite frustrating when you are on the verge of becoming a winner. Luckily there are third-party accessory manufacturers who have designed compatible best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers to keep your device fueled up all the time. These best Nintendo battery packs and chargers always come in handy when you have a long flight and to overcome boredom you want to play your favorite game.

However, the standby time depends a lot upon the kind of game you are playing. A power bank can extend the battery life up to 13+ hours, depending upon its capacity. So without wasting any further time have a look at the best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers, which will enhance your gaming experience. With the help of these battery extenders, you will be able to enjoy hassle free and prolonged gaming sessions.

The Best Nintendo Switch Battery Packs and Chargers

1. Anker Power Core 26800 PD Battery Pack

Anker provides massive power storage of 26800mAh to charge your Nintendo Switch 3x faster even when you are playing the game. The Type -C charger delivers higher power levels, required by your Nintendo to keep it charging while you are already using it. The additional charging ports can be used to charge your cellphones and tablets and even a Laptop which is compatible with Type -C. Besides, it comes with a 30W USB-C wall charger for followed by 18 months of warranty.


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2. Mophie XXL 19000 mAh Battery Pack

The second most efficient on the list of the best battery packs for Nintendo Switch is Mophie Powerstation. With an extensive capacity of 19000 mAh Mophie is capable of charging the Nintendo Switch at a rapid speed, with an output of 30W.

It has enough power to fuel up two power hungry devices consecutively. It is equipped with smart charging circuitry to establish communication with each device individually in order to deliver the fastest charging speed possible within in its reach without compromising the safety standards of the device. The Power case is wrapped in a premium fabric to extend its durability and allow for a comfort fee in the hands.


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3. Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition Charger

Recently Anker introduced the first official battery pack for Nintendo Switch and that is why we have included it in our list of best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers. The 13400 mAh breathes 10 hours of extra life in your gaming Switch for uninterrupted prolonged gaming sessions. It takes up to 3.5 hours to fully review the Switch. It features a super compact and lightweight design which comes in handy while you are on the go. The device can easily be stored in your pocket whenever you are traveling outside.


4. Jackery 26800 mAh Nintendo Switch Portable Charger

With 45W USB C Power Delivery for 9x super fast charging experience, Jackery makes one of the best Nintendo Switch battery Packs. The massive 26800 mAh capacity can fuel the Nintendo Switch 4 times consecutively and this is one major reason we have included this one in our list of best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers. The integrated wall charger fully pumps up the battery pack in just 3 hours. The Smart LED battery indicator keeps displaying the remaining power in digital format to remind you of the remaining time before it requires charging again.


5. WeiCheng 15 V Charger for Nintendo Switch

A super fast charger is the most efficient way to fully charge your Nintendo Switch and WeiCheng is one of the best Nintendo Switch chargers. The type C charger fully fuels up your device in a span of just 3 hours. What differentiates it from other options is its ability to charge the Switch even when you are playing the game.

The charger is equipped with CE/FCC//ROHS Certification, to prevent overheating, overcharging, short circuit prevention and overvoltage protection. The compact design saves you a lot of space and can be carried easily in handbags and backpacks. Besides the product is backed by 1 month of warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.


6. Nyko 15V Type C Charger for Nintendo Switch

Nyko one of the best chargers for Nintendo Switch allows you to charge and play with your Switch simultaneously. The 6ft long cable provides plenty of length to enjoy your game on the couch while the Nintendo is still being charged. You can also use it as a mobile charger in an emergency or whenever required. The compatible design makes it convenient to carry around in handbags and travel cases. You can always use it as a replacement for your original Nintendo Switch charger.


7. Nintendo Official AC Charger

This one is official from Nintendo and can be trusted blindly for its performance. It delivers enough output power so you can continue playing the game while your Nintendo is getting charged. The cable permanently attached to the wall hence, it does not possess the threat to be stolen by your family members in case they have misplaced their cable to recharge their phone or tablet.


8. Amazon Basics Dual  Voltage AC Charger

Now keep your Nintendo Switch always powered with one of best Nintendo Switch chargers from AmazonBasics dual voltage AC charger. It is compatible with TV mode means it supports charging and playing concurrently. The 6 ft long cable offers maximum flexibility during prolonged gaming sessions. The charger is equipped with all crucial safety features such as prevention of overheating, short circuit, over voltage etc to ensure absolute safety of your Switch. Besides, it is backed by 1 year of product warranty from AmazonBasics.


9. RAV Power Portable Quick Charger for Nintendo Switch

RAV has long been known for their quality and performance, the 21000 mAh is capable of charging the Nintendo Switch while it is being played and this is major reason to put it in our list of best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers. It consists of both type USB- C and USB- A output for optimum results. It can also be used to recharge your cell phone and Mackbook which are compatible with type C.

The iSmart model automatically detects the optimal current required by the connected device and maximize the charging speed accordingly. The smart LED indicator to display the remaining power, besides it is absolutely safe to use and automatically shut down in case of a short circuit or overloading to keep your device protected.


Feel free to mention any of the names in the category of best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers that we might have missed to include on the list. You can also share your valuable feedback and experience associated with any of the listed devices on this list. We will keep updating this list with more upcoming best Nintendo Switch battery packs and chargers to help you get the best out of your gaming console.


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