The ever-stylish MacBook Pro should never be left without a stylish companion, that would be the best Macbook Pro Cases and sleeves. If you have recently picked the extravagant machine for yourself then presently you might be looking for the options to keep it safe and sound. You have successfully managed to land on the right place as below is the list of best cases and sleeves for Mackbook Pro that assures its absolute safety from any potential threat.

The list of best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves consists of a variety of option from leather cases to soft protective sleeve. We have mentioned some names from various brands and segments to help various users in picking the best suitable options for themselves in their budget.

So, without wasting any further time, have a look at all the best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves to protect it from unwanted damages.

The Best Macbook Pro Cases and Sleeves

1. Tomtoc Protective Sleeve for Mackbook Pro

The fluffy sleeve by Tomtoc for Mackbook Pro with corner armor patent protects your device from the bumps and drops. The soft internal foam cushioning absorbs the impacts of shocks and prevents scratches thus assuring the 360-degree protection of your Mackbook. The sleeve consists of a front pocket to contain small accessories like charging cable, headphone, and smartphone, etc.

The smooth zipper opening allows for quick access to the device when in a hurry. It is very lightweight so it can easily fit inside another backpack or messenger Bag while you are traveling. It is available in five different colors to choose from.


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2. Tomtoc PU leather Envelope Sleeve for Mackbook Pro

Tomtoc envelope sleeve for MacBook Pro features a very stylish and attractive design and this is the reason we have included this sleeve in our list of best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves. The hybrid sleeve crafted from leather and fur provides essential protection to your device from bumps, scratches dents and any accidental damage.

The laptop storage compartment is equipped with magnetic closure for seamless access followed by a rear compartment to store accessories like tablets, smartphones, and kindles, etc. The sidecut is an advantageous feature to help you charge the device without requiring to remove it from the sleeve. The leather belt not only looks attractive besides it feels very comfortable and smooth while holding in hands.


3. Runetz Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook Pro

The cost-effective sleeve for MacBook Pro by Runetz is a perfect accessory for your rich device. It is exclusively designed with padded internal lining to safeguard your device from scratching, scuffing,  dents and shocks. It is crafted from high-quality Neoprene followed by precise engineering to perfectly snug around your Macbook Pro.

It features two zippers front and rear, the front one to organize the accessories such a charger, cables, and smartphone, etc. It does not add any bulk to the device and is available in several different color combinations. Besides, it is very durable and promises maximum security. All these reasons make it one of the best Macbook Pro sleeves.


4. Valkit Ultra-thin Sleeve for MacBook 

The dual-layered protective sleeve for MacBook is constructed from Handmade Premium PU Leather followed by a soft interior to prevent scratches. The magnetic closure allows for quick access to the device, on the opening, there’s a handy pocket in the inside to store cards and pencil. It is provided with a handy cut that allows you to charge the device without requiring to remove it from the sleeve.

It is extremely lightweight hence can be stored into another backpack for work and leisure related traveling. On the protection front, the sleeve is not much of a winner it is designed to be along a briefcase and carry around bags. It is widely available-black, blue and brown color respectively.


5. Urban Gear Rugged Armor Case for MacBook Pro

The heavy-duty Armor case for Macbook Pro is exclusively designed for the users who never leave any chance to the luck when it comes to the safety of their device. It features a tactile grip that provides secure handle even in extreme conditions. The armor shell and impact resistant bumper case is equipped with a dual lock to ensure 360-degree protection.

The overall security standards match with the MIL grade security for absolute protection against abrasions and collisions. In spite of the maximum protection, the cooling vents are not compromised.  Besides, it allows for seamless access to the ports and keyboard. This is one of the best contender in our list of best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves.


6. Inateck MacBookPro Sleeve Case

Inateck sleeve for Mackbook Pro is equipped with some well-concealed pockets. These pockets come in handy for carrying multiple accessories like smartphone, earbuds, mouse and other personal belongings like magazines, folders, and wallets. The additional pouch that comes with the sleeve is perfect for carrying hard disks, extra batteries, and charger cables, etc.

The soft flannel on the inside absorbs the shocks and prevents scratches and dust. With exquisite craftsmanship, it looks extremely stylish. Besides, it is travel-friendly. The material used to design the sleeve is environment-friendly hence it is renewable and biodegradable.


7. Speck Smartshell Case for Macbook Pro

The durable, smart shell case for Macbook Pro is a combination of durability and precise fit. It shields the device from scratches, dents, and punctures. It takes seconds to snap on and remove for cleaning. The case promises to withstand up to 34lbs of force to prevent breakage which is believable considering the brand. The form-fitting case keeps the scratches and scuffs at bay. Rubberized feet at the bottom allows for proper heat dissipation and prevents sliding on a smooth surface. It is available in varied colors to meet your personal interest.


8. Twelve South Vintage Leather Book Case for Mackbook Pro

Twelve South is a trusted name for manufacturing top quality Apple accessories and that is why we have included this product in our list of best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves. The hybrid case by twelve south for MacBook Pro is a combination of a case and cover. The genuine leather craftsmanship for sophisticated look followed by the handbook cover with reinforced spine shields the device from impacts and abrasions.

The soft velvet interior prevents scratches; it is equipped with pocket to store documents and papers during meetings.  Dual elastic bands on the bottom help to keep your laptop firmly in place inside the case. The disguise look of the case fools the thieves and protects your device from getting stolen.


9. Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve for Mackbook Pro

The Cacdo sleeve for MacBook Pro features water resilient canvas fabric, which withstands water spills effectively. The Extra soft, anti-static shock proof interior lining can effectively absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by accidental bumps & scratches. The smooth zipper provides quick access to the device while an extra pocket provides enough space to carry important documents during the meeting and traveling.

It is very slim and lightweight hence you can place it in another backpack for added security and comfort during traveling. It is available in several attractive colors for your customized needs.


The customers are requested to verify their model number before deciding to buy any of the listed best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves in 2019. Feel free to mention other names on the list that you think deserves to be included on the list of best  cases and sleeves for Macbook Pro.

If you have used any of the mentioned best Macbook Pro cases and sleeves you can also share your feedback in the comment section below that will help the potential buyers in choosing the right product for themselves.

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