It’s time to get yourself relieved from nasty and tangled charging cables. I am sure you are fed up of carrying an adapter and cable into your pocket every time when you are out because if you forget to take it along, you will miss your phone when there is a desperate need of it because of low battery.

However, now you can charge your iPhone while traveling or during the daily commute to your office with these convenient and best iPhone XS Max battery cases. They do not require you to carry your adapter and cable into your pockets anymore, these best battery cases for iPhone XS Max are specially designed and will keep your phone alive until you are back home. Based on various research and customer reviews here is the list of top 10 best iPhone XS battery cases which every iPhone user must have in their accessory list.

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The Best iPhone XS Max Battery Cases

1. iPhone XS Bax Portable Battery Case

This portable charging case for iPhone XS Max helps you to listen to music for more 57 hours with its ultra-high capacity 4000 mAh battery that not only charges your phone but also gives it a dashing slim look. Having a rubberized design the case allows for a firm grip and protection from unwanted scratches and shocks. It is perfectly designed with precise cutouts, so need to worry about camera blockage or speakers getting covered. Its installation is so easy that you can do it yourself by just pushing the phone towards the bottom. You can grab one for your phone at only $29.99.

best iphone xs max battery cases

2. Wavypo iPhone XS Max Battery Charging Case

This powerful charging case boasts of getting your beast powered up by 150% more. This is indeed true as it is having a massive capacity of 5000 mAh which supports your iPhone XS max battery to perform more than twice of its original capacity. Built-in lithium-ion battery inside this case adds an additional 8+ hours of talk time and more than 12+ hours of internet surfing.  Its compact, ultrathin and lightweight design make it portable and fashionable too.

Wavypo iPhone XS max cases are very reliable and safe to use as they have A+ grade batteries with CE and RoHS certification to avoid overcharging, overheating and short-circuiting. Besides having such features this elegant charging case comes for just $25.90 and that is why we have included it in our list of best iPhone XS Max battery cases.

best iphone xs max battery cases

3. BStrive Battery Case for iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is the highest priced phone by Apple so far. Don’t you think this big phone needs a big power bank with it as well? Bstrive battery cases for iPhone XS max is most powerful among all other cases in the market, it holds 7500 mAh of power inside it and that’s a huge amount, it can charge your phone not once or twice but thrice. Isn’t this product breathtaking?

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with this amount of output, you can also opt for 8000 mAh by just a few more bucks to your purchase amount. This is one of the best iPhone XS battery cases which you can’t miss no matter where you are, it can be easily carried along as it is very handy.

best iphone xs max battery cases

4. USAMS Slim Battery Case for iPhone XS Max

Magnetic metal build quality and ultra slim design of this case helps this charging case to grab a position in the list of recommended best battery cases for iPhone XS Max. A Li-polymer battery capacity of 4000 mAh is sufficient enough to refuel your phone from zero to full in no time.

You can charge your phone, listen to music or can transfer data to your PC without removing it. Also, its LED indicators which put a track on the battery percentage and keeps you notified about it as well and the most important thing is if we talk about the price of this product it’s worth buying as it is available on Amazon for just $20.99.

best iphone xs max battery cases

5. Beaok Portable Charging Case for iPhone XS Max

This powerful battery charging case for your iPhone XS max just doubles your phone’s battery life by adding  5000 mAh of power to it. The case provides extented talk time hours, more videos, a lot more gaming and much more to explore your wonderful phone. You can mount it directly to your metallic car phone holder due to its magnetic metal design.

You can now go for hiking and will be able to capture mesmerizing moments by using this charging case as its very handy and can also charge your phone up to 120% more with the help of its li-polymer rechargeable battery. This is one of the few best iPhone XS Max battery cases that comes with a lifetime warranty which also makes you confident for buying this product.

best iphone xs max battery cases

6. Kescky iPhone XS Max Battery Case

An affordable and very slim battery pack for your iPhone XS max by Kescky is fitted with a 5000 mAh battery which gives power to your phone all day long even you keep your phone engaged for the whole day while playing games or watching your favorite TV series. You can enjoy all these things without any low battery notifications from your phone. You can sync data with your PC, MAC or any laptop and also helps you to charge your phone simultaneously. Just press the on/off button for 3 seconds and your phone will get alive again.

best iphone xs max battery cases

7. Portable Charger Case iPhone XS Max

High capacity and long life battery charging case equipped with 4000 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery for iPhone XS Max is a must buy accessory for your powerful and precious beast. It has raised bezel which also ensures the protection of your phone screen from scratches if it is placed upside down on a table or any other rugged place. I

t’s a perfect fit for your phone as it is specially designed for your iPhone XS Max and it also comes with a charging indicator LED which keeps a track of your charging and the remaining battery status. It is elegantly designed and is thin with no excessive weight at the bottom and also compatible with lighting earphones. These are all the reason we have listed in our showcase of best iPhone XS battery cases. 

best iphone xs max battery cases

8. ALLEASA iPhone XS Max Battery Case

No need to wait and watch your phone getting charged after returning back home from your office. This charging case will do this job for you without letting you get frustrated with the low battery of your phone. This Charging case by alleasa for iPhone XS max can provide your phone with up to 80% more battery life. USP for this case is its user-friendly and anti-broken design which is very easy to remove and install. You can keep this with your phone anytime without putting extra weight on it. It also comes with temperature protection which ensures your phone’s safety as well.

best iphone xs max battery cases

9. Snowpink Battery Case Compatible for iPhone XS Max

An efficient charging case with a perfect phone is really a deadly combination. iPhone XS mMx Snowpink charging cases act like power fuel for the phone. Having a capacity of 5000 mAh when pushed on puts your phone on a rocket charging mode. It is also compatible with Apple Airpods or any other wireless Bluetooth headphone,  this case wins a position in top 10 list of best battery cases for iPhone XS Max.

best iphone xs max battery cases

10. DX Star Extended Battery Charging Case

10th in the list of rechargeable battery case for iPhone XS max is DX Star which is super convenient, super efficient, superb quality and super effective. You can own this super amazing product without stretching your wallet. This case can fuel your phone for up to 3.5 hours continuously on a full charge. Listen to the phone’s internal voice, how badly it is needed. So don’t think twice just go and grab one from world’s best online e-commerce store Amazon in a super saving deal of $27.99.

best iphone xs max battery cases

I hope this list of 10 best iPhone XS Max battery cases will help you in choosing the most convenient case for yourself. Feel free to mention the names of other cases that you want us to include on this list. I will keep updating the list with more upcoming best iPhone XS Max battery cases.


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