Apple has always been in limelight and praised by the users for it’s sleek and elegant design along with an A-class technology. Although they are priced very high due to their technological advancement, they are worth buying.

What really disappointing about this premium iPhone is only their battery backup, frankly speaking, though Apple has made an amazing device but battery of their mobile phones doesn’t long very much. Hence while searching a solution for this highlighted issue we came across these 10 best iPhone XS battery cases.

These best iPhone XS battery cases not only protect your phone from severe damages but also keeps it powered up to deliver extended performance hours.

So with these best battery cases for iPhone XS, you will never have to worry about charging your iPhone from time to time for hassle-free media access.

The Best iPhone XS Battery Cases

1. Apple iPhone XS Battery Case by MAXBEER

This is not only just a phone case but also a power tank for your beast. A massive 4000 mAh battery inside the case ensures your phone gets power for the whole day. It is fitted with fast charging technology which ensures increased battery life adding 14+ more hours talk time and 10 + hours of web surfing. Moreover, it comes with LED indicators which help you track its battery status and its very easy to install.

I am sure nobody likes their phone shutting down while playing their favorite game or watching a movie, I mean it really sucks isn’t it ?. To overcome such situations MAXBEER iPhone XS Battery case is worth buying and that is why we have included it in our list of best iPhone XS battery cases. 


2. Newdery iPhone XS Rechargeable Battery Case

This case hides a massive output of 6000 mAh inside it. It consists of everything in the single package, from design, protection to a massive inbuilt battery, it seems like a cherry on the top. Although it is tightly packed with stunning features however when the time comes for buying, it doesn’t even put a dent in your pocket, just for $29.98 amazing product sits on the top of the entire list. Its magnetic material design allows it to attached with any metallic car mount holder. This elegant case not only charges itself but also your iPhone.  


3. Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case for iPhone XS

Exhausted of getting low battery notifications from your iPhone again and again? Don’t resist this time because here is the deal for you, these iPhone cutting-edge designs are not only compatible with iPhone XS but also with iPhone XS max so this is more likely single stone hunting for 2 birds. It features sync through technology to transfer your data without removing our case. It has a total of 4000 mAh output to power your iPhone.

Now you can browse the internet or watch movies with your loved ones without sitting near the charging port while waiting for your phone to be fully pumped up. All these reasons makes it one of the best battery cases for iPhone X. 


4. Vproof iPhone XS External Battery Case

Did you forget to charge your iPhone? No worries, you can still stream youtube videos and can read your important emails even if you are outside. This case comes with a battery capacity of 6000 mAh and considered as one of the best iPhone XS battery cases. More than enough to charge your phone up to 150 % giving you 42+ hours of talk time and over 15+ hours of video playback. Magnetic metal makes it handy enough while driving. This iPhone XS battery cover is a must-have accessory for Apple fans.


5. Protonix iPhone XS Battery Case

Want to add on some more battery hours and protection to your newly bought iPhone XS? This Alpatronix extended protective battery case grabs its position in top 10 best battery cases for iPhone XS. It has a marvelous finish which puts some more stars on the looks of the phone without compromising with the protection as it is made of shockproof material. On top of that, it has a very easy and simple installation process.

You will get a lifetime warranty and 30 days money back guarantee from the company itself in case if u don’t like the product, you can simply return it. I am sure no one is going to do that as this product is needed the most by your iPhone. It’s the best and convenient fuel for your iPhone.

If you are also looking for waterproof cases for iPhone XS than we have got you covered.


6. Feob Battery Case for iPhone XS

An Ultrathin and lightweight battery case for iPhone XS is what you precisely needed for your iPhone.Now Forget about the battery draining while listening to music at the beaches as this case comes with a huge power backup of 5200 mAh. You can just double your battery by using this case. you can buy this for just $25.50 from Amazon  I am sure that in an efficient price for such a useful accessory.


7. Yacikos Portable Charging Battery Case for iPhone XS

This case is definitely adding 18 hours or more video playback time and non-stop talking of 24 hours. I mean how does it feel if you don’t have to charge your iPhone XS for a couple of days. Actually, you can just make it happen at the jaw-dropping the price of $ 27.95. Its rose gold color makes it even more attractive. LED indicators clearly show you the battery remaining capacity. It’s very handy and made up of double ABS plastic which ensures complete protection of your phone.


8. Xooparc Charging Case Extended for iPhone XS

If you are looking for the best iPhone XS battery cases then Xooparc is what you might need. It is available in Rose gold, red and black color all priced at just $29. A protective shield with a juice of 5200 mAh it is definitely a boon for your iPhone. Now you never have to wait for your phone to get charged for taking some memorable clicks. Just put this case on the phone and bingo your phone is now in a power mode.


9. Swaller iPhone XS Battery Case

This battery case from Swaller is packed with 4000 mAh battery inside. It’s really an ideal buddy for your iPhone XS, whether you are playing games, surfing the internet, or doing some official work, the performance of this case will let you and your iPhone down. You know what I mean. The black color of this case makes it classy and elegant and the cherry on top is like 100 % money back guarantee and I am sure you will get used to this product after using it.


10. EasyAcc Battery Charging Case for iPhone XS

“EASY ACCESS”  everything lies in the name itself, just think about the product this cc5 charging case for iPhone XS is specially designed to increase your phone’s protection and your phone’s battery consecutively. It has two input choices for its customers as you can charge your phone by a cable or via a wireless dock. Its rugged design not only provides the best protection but also features a sporty look for your phone. Carrying a high capacity of 5000 mAh this case is available on Amazon at $39.99.


I hope this list of best iPhone XS battery cases will assist you in buying the most convenient battery case for yourself. We have missed some of the cases to include on this list please feel free to mention those names in the comment section below. We will keep updating this list with all the upcoming best iPhone XS battery cases.

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