GoPro cameras are exclusively designed to capture the moments from extreme adventures, they are loved by all the adventure junkies and travelers across the world. However, the inbuilt GoPro microphone is not that effective in letting you experience the thrill of the moment while watching those clips you recorded due to low audio quality.

If you are looking to add some high-quality audio experience to those clips then we have got you covered, as to fulfil that desire of yours you will need an external microphone. You can buy an external microphone to accompany your GoPro during your next adventure trip.

There are many best GoPro accessories available in the market and choosing the best GoPro microphone is really a daunting task. This is the reason, we thought to write down about some of the best GoPro microphones that let you record audio in your action camera the way it it.

So without wasting any time further, have a look at the list of 11 best GoPro microphones to help you record the impeccable audios from around the world to put some life in the videos.

The Best GoPro MicroPhones

1. MXL Mics MM 165 Microphone for GoPro

MXL is exclusively designed for GoPro action cameras making it one of the best microphones for GoPro. It is an omnidirectional microphone, thus it allows to record any given sound emerging in its reach. It can be directly plugged into the camera without requiring any additional adapter. MXL lavalier is equipped with a  foam windscreen, plus an added fuzzy windscreen to prevent the extra noise of the extreme winds.

It is compatible with most GoPro cases and the integrated 5 feet Mogami cable for exceptional sound clarity and durability during recording sessions. You can absolutely rely on this tiny microphone for exceptionally clear sound quality.

12 Best GoPro Microphones

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2. Rode VideoMicro Compact Microphone for GoPro

Rode is an exceptionally generous microphone for GoPro currently available on the market. It is known to record distraction free audios, meaning it dominates peripheral sounds and focusses on the audio right in front of the camera. The furry windshield keeps the unwanted sounds at bay, while you are recording on the move. Rycote Lyre shock mount can be attached to a shoe mount for recording crystal clear videos.

best gopro microphones

3. Shure VP83 Condenser Microphone for GoPro

Shure is another impressive contender in our list of best GoPro microphones . It is tested to capture high definition audio while rejecting off-axis noises, it only records the audio you are aiming for. It provides high definition audio with the low-end response for professional results, the wide frequency range offers natural sound recording.

The back of the device consists of easy control access along with a switch to adjust the microphone for different recording environments. An integrated low cut filter switch to eliminate the distracting sounds in the background due to the given ambiance, and the function switch to easily turn the device on/off. The 125 hours of battery life works like a cherry on top for long recording sessions. The solid aluminium construction assures durability and reliability to withstand rough and tough environmental conditions. It can be mounted with an included Rycote Lyre shock mounting system which prevents the vibration and mechanical noise.

If you still feel that it increased the weight, you should buy best gimbal for GoPro so that your videos will be stables and super smooth.

best gopro microphones

4. Fantaseal Mic Kit Microphone for GoPro

The Dual-Channel microphone captures videos with clear and stereo sound in sports, which is very essential to feel the thrill of the moment while watching the video. The integrated Mini 3.5mm UMB microphone Adapter renders the maximum conductivity and minimum noise performance. The built-in IC chips eliminated the need of external windshield while shooting outdoor videos, simply plug it in the jack and start shooting whatever you want and whenever you want.

Ideal to use in conference rooms, interview sessions, vlogging youtube videos and while hosting various events. The clips let you fasten the microphone to your clothes, which keeps your hands free for added convenience.

12 Best GoPro Microphones

5. Rode On-camera Microphone for GoPro

Rode features a lightweight design to deliver crisp and clear sound with an ease, which makes it one of the best microphones for GoPro. It mainly focuses on the required sound while ensuring that other-other distracting sounds in the background do not ruin the sound quality.

Your microphone stays isolated from bumps and vibration that could possibly intervene the sound, with the help of an integrated Rycote Shock mount. The windshield prevents the noisy sound in the background from causing any disruption. It does not require batteries instead it uses your camera batteries as the power source to operate flawlessly.

best gopro microphones

6. Movo GM 100 Condenser Microphone for GoPro 

Movo is exclusively designed for videos and to provide crystal clear sound quality.  It is a cost-effective product and works well with most of the devices on various occasions such as interviews, podcasts and much more.  Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone is attached to your clothes which keeps your hands free for managing other essential features in the camera or microphone. It works quite efficiently in comparison with the built-in camera microphone.

best gopro microphones

7. Rode Lavalier Microphone for GoPro

Looking for a compact and portable microphone for your GoPro? If yes, then Rode Lavalier is one of the best GoPro Microphones providing great audio quality.  The omnidirectional condenser capsule focuses on audio in all directions and the foam pop filters out the vocal  P, T, and B plosives from ruining your audio. The integrated mounting clip allows you to attach the microphone to any given location. You can command using a Rode app or just operate it manually by plugging it in any compatible device.

best gopro microphones

8. Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone for GoPro

Sennheiser features a similar design to Shure, which I mentioned at the beginning in this list. The integrated shock mount can be used to mount the microphone over your GoPro to prevent vibration and handling noises during recording.

The metal formation ensures durability in tough environmental conditions for recording. It is powered on its own Single rechargeable AAA Battery, which runs for hours while working for a longer duration. The adapter consists of buttons to tweak the settings for distance occupancy and to prevent the sound of the noisy winds during outdoor shootings.

best gopro microphones

9. PowerDewise Lavalier Lapel Microphone for GoPro

Powerdewise microphones for GoPro allows you to record clean and subtle sound for professional results. The Omni-directional lapel mic with an extended cable helps you to deliver precise and clear audios during podcasts, adventure shoots, interviews, and vlogging videos etc. The noise canceling pop wind filter the excess noise from the background.

The integrated clip along with a chord allows you to attach the microphone to your pockets, collar or tie for improved sound quality. The 3.5 MM jack gives you the comfort of plugging in the device and start recording in a matter of seconds. All these reasons makes it strong contender in our list of best microphones for GoPro.

best gopro microphones

10. Saramonic G-Mic Microphone for GoPro

Sramonic is the best microphone for GoPro on this list, it allows you to record the professional quality stereo sound for your videos. The Dual X/Y condenser enhances the sound quality and clarity, it features a compact and lightweight design for easy handling during traveling.

The device is directly connected to the Primary source through the USP port, it does not require any additional cables or power source. Besides this, the product offers 1 year of warranty.

best gopro microphones

11. Eachshot Video Microphone for GoPro

The fully metal compact microphone provides you with an exclusive audio quality. The narrow beam pattern allows you to capture the sound directly in front of the microphone for enhanced audio clarity while filtering out the noisy and distracting sounds. Integrated shock absorbing stand that can be mounted on the top of the camera using Cold-Shoe.

best gopro microphones

That all folks, these are the best microphones for GoPro currently available on the market. Feel free to mention your pick from the list of 11 best GoPro microphones, in the comment section below. We will keep updating the list with the more upcoming best GoPro microphones in time.

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