I assume if you have a GoPro camera set you might never want to travel without it. Although, for moving along with your GoPro, you intend to keep it guarded. However, GoPro cameras are sturdily built to accompany you in extreme climatic conditions such as rain, snow, etc. For fulfilling your requirement of keeping your camera safe we have listed best GoPro Backpacks these backpacks are specially designed for your convenience for carrying along with your GoPro camera as well as other accessories.

These best GoPro Backpacks ease your life by keeping your camera accessories such as batteries, SD cards, camera mounts, drones, etc. organized and protected. So there are ample reasons for you to invest in a good quality GoPro Camera Backpack.

To make it more organized, we have selected only the best GoPro backpacks 2020 that we think will be popular this year. So, without wasting any time, find out the 12 best GoPro backpacks of the year 2020 available on the market.

Best GoPro Backpacks of the Year 2020

 1. SHOOT Selfie Pro Backpack Bag for GoPro 

SHOOT selfie Pro backpack with shock-absorbent base plate for GoPro safeguards your accessories from existential damage. The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry around while you are on the go.

It features a three-way camera mount assembly and three safety adjustable screws(one for spare parts), which you can be adjusted and adapted to any given angle, whether you are mounting in front, behind or to the side of you, it makes sure that you get the best creative shot.

2. GoPro Seeker Official GoPro Backpack 

GoPro seeker tops the list of best GoPro backpacks due to its extensive qualities. The backpack can store and protect up to 5 GoPro cameras along with the batteries and other essential accessories. The water-resistant and lightweight design provides 16 L of storage.

The builtin chest mount let you capture hand free footage from a varied angle. The adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps make it easy to carry around during your outdoor adventures. The GoPro seeker backpack is the perfect pick for adventure loving junkies as it ensures convenient and protected storage of your camera and accessories.


3. OGIO Backstage Backpack for GoPro

The OGIO backpack is designed for the comfy lovers, as it is very lightweight and you can carry it anywhere very quickly. The front padded easy to access pocket and two side pockets for storing all your camera equipment makes it an excellent choice to invest. There are multiple storage compartments in the bags to keep your accessories and camera organized and safe.


4. Navitech Hardshell GoPro Camera Backpack

Navitech GoPro backpack is a user-friendly GoPro backpack specially designed keeping in mind all the requirements to protect your GoPro from the damage. The hard and rugged exterior ensures the ultimate protection. It comes with an option to interchange storage parts for SDcards, batteries and power plug, etc.

There is an internal pocket for additional storage and a mesh cover to offer extra protection to your camera and accessories. It is water resistant hence, no need to worry about getting your camera drenched in the rain spoiling your fun of traveling.



5. Smartee Multifunctional GoPro Backpack

Smartee GoPro backpack has a huge capacity that ley you carry a laptop, tablet, clothes, and 2 GoPro cameras and a lot of other accessories. The padded straps and back pad ensures absolute comfort while traveling.

The high-quality material is water resistant and also ensures that there is no collision thus avoiding your camera in case of an accident. Both The Interior and exterior of the bag are crushproof assuring safe storage of your camera.



6. Tenba 12 L Actionpack Backpack for GoPro

Tenba is an excellent inclusion in the list of best GoPro backpacks and has managed to impress us with its features which can’t go unnoticed.

Rear access allows you to reach the main compartment where camera, mounts, and accessories are stored without removing the bag from our body.  The internal pockets organize two GoPros, and there are separate compartments for storing mounts, cables, batteries, and other accessories. The front pocket stores a tablet or an iPad and other tiny accessories.


7. Lowepro BP250  Multipurpose Backpack for GoPro

Lowepro is one of the most compact and flexible GoPro backpacks available on the market for GoPro enthusiasts. The bottom of the bag comes with a removable action video case that easily slides in and out for easy access. The adjustable dividers and a wall of with accessory storage to keep your mounts, batteries, and cables intact. The top of the bag has a separate compartment with zippers for storing personal stuff. The padded shoulder straps provide additional comfort for carrying.


8. Thule TLGB- 101 GoPro Backpack

The Thule GoPro backpack has two integrated camera mounts which let you record your adventure from varied angles. The crushproof padded interior of the backpack is capable of holding up to 3 GoPro cameras, batteries, SD Cards, remote controls, and more essential accessories.

The best things about the Thule backpack is its cleanable interior,  you can remove the die-cut foam pad and then fully rinse the mud, sand, and muck. There is a built-in hydration compartment, the bag is very versatile and a perfect companion for your adventurous trips.


9.  Incase Designs Ken Block Backpack for GoPro

Incase GoPro backpack is a budget-friendly backpack, it is efficient for storing tons of accessories. Large Volume main compartment where you can store your GoPro camera,iPad and accessories. The adjustable straps for carrying a tripod with the bungee chords, the right side pocket gives you easy access to the main compartment.


10. DeKaSi Seeker Backpack for GoPro

The DeKaSi GoPro Backpack is all in one package and hence it is an excellent choice when it comes to best GoPro backpacks. The bag is capable of storing up to 5 sports camera of different style along with extra batteries, chargers, SD cards thus keeping hem protected and organized. The 16L of storage gives you enough space to store all kind of stuff required for your outdoor adventure.

Te integrated chest mount let you record the videos from varied angles while giving rest to your hands, the rain cover protects your valuables without spoiling the fun. The adjustable strap mounts give you the desires comfort and support.


11. PolarPro Travel Backpack for GoPro

PolarPro is a versatile backpack for your GoPro it is spacious enough to fit in DJI Mavic, Phantom 3, DJI Pham tom 4, GoPro Karma and many other compact drones. There is a separate 15 inch pocket for carrying your laptop, tablets, DSLR, extra lens, batteries, chargers, etc.

The integrated TSA approved lock ensure the absolute safety of your valuables from any potential harm. For US-based customers, the company offers a lifetime warranty.


12. Case Logic  SLRC-206 SLR Backpack for GoPro

The case logic GoPro backpack lets you keep your DSLR, drones, and laptop organized and easily accessible while traveling. The internal hammock system suspends your SLR above the bottom of the case, which ensures the protection of your camera in case of a drop. 

The waterproof EVA base gives you additional protection, memory foam on the interior of the backpack keeps your delicate safe. External straps for carrying tripods and additional accessory pockets let you carry whatever you need to get through a long day of adventure shooting.


These are our pick from Best GoPro backpacks available on the market, you can also post your reviews and your experiences with these backpacks if you own one. Feel free to mention the names of other best GoPro backpacks which we might have missed to mention in this list of best GoPro backpacks 2020.



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