The people are getting smarter and so are our homes, in the modern age we rely on Google Home, Alexa, and Siri for our day to day activities. These assistants allow us to control various devices at your home and office via voice commands, you can set timers, stream music, check news updates help your kids with the homework, buy best smart locks to remotely lock/unlock your home or even buy best smart plugs to remotely control your home electrics. Isn’t this cool?

These are many amazing and best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets or Amazon Echo accessories floating around the market. But, we have restricted this post to find out some of best accessories for Google Home and that too best Google Home smart speakers. However, there are numerous options available but choosing the best Google Home smart speaker gets quite tricky. In this list, we have compiled the best Google Home smart speakers from various brands that you would love to buy.

So, without further adieu, have a look at all the best Google Home smart speakers of year 2020 which are best in terms of usability and functionality.

The Best Google Home Smart Speakers 2020

1. Polk Audio Assist Smart Speaker for Google Home

Poll Smart google home speaker comes with the builtin Google assistant and features a solid built. It is one of the best Google Home smart speakers currently available on the market that are in mid-range budget. It is an ideal and budget-friendly option for music enthusiasts. However, it is particularly not the best sounding speaker on the list but it is good enough to Assist with Google home and resonates voice command to control various hardware devices at home including music and kitchen equipment.

Besides, it tested to work with numerous streaming services like Pandora, Youtube, Spotify flawlessly considering a good wifi connection. just install the Google Home app installed in your phone with active internet connection and you are good to go. It is available in black and gray color to blend in with your modest home decor.


2. Soundcore Portable Smart Speaker for Google Home

Soundcore is crafted from premium material and features an elegant and attractive design which is very pleasing to eyes as well as hands. It stands out from the crowd due to its radical shape that offers the perfect structure that offers room-filling sound experience. It consists of Dolby audio that provides exceptional audio quality.

Model’s Zero’s IPX5 water-resistant rating makes it impermeable moist weather and accidental water splashes. However, it is quite expensive in comparison with other speakers with Google Assistant, but the premium quality speaker is worth your money if you ponder about the quality sound. All these reasons makes it one of the best Google Home smart speakers.


3. LENOVO Speaker with Smart Display for Google Home

This is one of the best Google Home smart speakers that comes with a twist. It has smart display in which you can see photos or YouTube videos.

Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered model features powerful 10W full-range speakers with a dual passive radiator produces clear sound while dual microphone arrays hear you even when music is on. It allows you to control over 1500 smart devices in time that are compatible with google assistant. Besides the 10 inches, built-in display let you stream recipe videos while you are in the kitchen for easy assistance, and you can always catch up with your friends and family members on a video call while performing your day to day tasks and all this with hand free operation.


4. Klipsch The Three Wireless Speaker

In terms of sound quality, Klipsch Google Assistant enabled speaker beats all other options on this list and that is why included in this list of best Google Home smart speakers. It features a retro design and looks modest, considers it a retro art piece.

If it fits in your budget and you are a music enthusiast than the device is worth buying. It produces room-filling acoustics for astonishing music experience. Besides, you can connect it with various streaming services, and also control the connected smart devices through voice commands.


5. JBL Link 500 Voice-activated Smart Speaker

Another one on the list of best Google Home smart speakers is JBL Link 500, it features a traditional design more like a radio. It is equipped with two woofers one on each side, that produces crystal clear and high-quality sounds to cover a wide area. With built-in Google assistant, you can play music, stream videos, listen to the news and podcasts all without requiring to move from your couch.

Besides, it is also compatible with various online streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and more to enhance your multimedia experience. Easy setup process followed by multi-room playback with the Google Home app.


6. LG ThinkQ Smart Speaker for Google Home

With built-in Google Assistant, LG ThinkQ lets you control various connected smart devices through voice command. You can stream music online via music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, listen to podcasts, check on the weather, get the latest news updates and much more. Speakers are loud, clear and offer equivalent bass for superb audio quality.


7. JBL Link View Voice-activated Wireless Smart Speaker

JBL comes with an integrated screen which allows you to stream videos, make video calls and watch live news. With built-in voice assistant, you can perform various tasks with your hands-free, like watching recipe videos while cooking. The eight-inch high definition screen facilitates various activities, besides the built-in camera and microphone ensures privacy and security. The voice commands allow you to control various smart devices across the home via one spot.


8. SONY SRS-XB501G Dustproof Smart speaker

This is definitely not the good design in our list of best Google Home smart speakers but big ad bold speaker from SONY offers great Bass, single speaker is enough to fill the whole house with music. The illuminating LED lights around the edges flashes in multiple colors and looks ravishing in the bedroom at night. The far fetch technology allows it to detect the commands over music. The sturdy and durable design with 4.5 user rating on makes it one of the best Google Home smart speaker.


I hope the following article will help you in picking up one of the Google Home smart speaker for yourself. You can also suggest other models of best Google Home smart speakers that you believe deserve a place on this list. We will keep updating the list as soon we will manage to get our hands on more best Google Home Smart speakers.


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