best electronic dartboards 2019

Dartboards have always been popular among the category of indoor games when it comes to spending some leisure time with your friends and family members on a lazy day. Lately, they are given a makeover, and the result of that is an electronic dartboard. Earlier keeping the score was hectic besides players often used to forget whose turn is next. But now with the best electronic dartboards for 2019, the only thing you need to remember is to how much fun you had while playing the game. Rest the job of keeping the score and reminding whose turn it is next; all these things will be taken care of automatically.

These best electronic dartboards come in varied colors designs and shape some might operate on AA batteries while others will derive their power through the AC adapters. However being exposed to so many options get quite confusing at times, but don’t worry we are here to help as this article consists of the best reviewed electronic dartboards of year 2019 that will help you in picking the best option for yourself.

The Best Electronic Dartboards For 2020

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

The Arachnid Cricket PRO 800 is a versatile dartboard and is loaded with all the fun features that you can imagine in an electrical dartboard. The yellow, black and red colored board with a target area is crafted from NylonTough Segments to improves its durability. The segment dividers feature microthin layers to prevent bounce-outs Dramatically. The product is equipped with 39 Games with 179 Variations and allows eight players to participate with 4-Player Jumbo X/O LED Score Display. The 3 level heckler feature is quite fun however it can be turned off. The highly responsive sensors improve the scoring potential of a player.

The players can control the volume and can also put it in sleep mode so that the game can automatically turn off.  The LED lights allow for better visibility even from a distance and sometimes in the dark. Besides, the product is backed by a one year warranty.

best electronic dartboards 2019

2. Grand Board 2 Best Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

If you are a tech-savvy and driven by the innovative technology than the Grand Board 2 electronic dartboard is for you. It features a minimalistic design that can display scores and other gaming statistics on your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated App will reveal all the details of all the players on the screen with thorough precision.  It is equipped with a foaming base behind the plastic surface to prevent bounce outs and noise.

It runs on 2AA batteries and features a LED display for enhanced visibility. It is effortless to install and is convenient for home use besides it is loaded with a worldwide database. It is straightforward to navigate, and include the games like Cricket (with four variations), 01 games (301 – 1501), Count Up, Legs, Half-It, and much more as the app gets updated. It operates on both Android and iOS devices. All these features are enough to include it in our list of best electronic dartboards for 2019.

best electronic dartboards 2019

3. Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Rigel electronic dartboard allows you to play 32 games with, 305 scoring options. It is perfect for indoor game lovers. Whether you want to play this game with your family or friends this game serves the purpose.  It is equipped with a LED display with XO cricket for improved readability. It allows up to 8 players to play at a time besides the 13’’ large target screen includes a tournament spider as well. The package consists of six dart flights featuring old glory flights and union jack flights.

best electronic dartboards 2019

4. Franklin Sports FS6000 Digital Electronic Dartboard

The large 15.5” area provides an extensive area for both playing and practicing. It consists of 28 games followed by over 100 variations. The integrated LED scoreboard doubles the fun as it keeps displaying the scores on the screen on the front panel. It is ideal for indoor activities which require a bunch of friends and family members.

The electronic dartboard comes with a built-in dart holder so you will not have to worry about the darts going missing. It is effortless to install and does not require any batteries to operate, all you have to do is just plug in the adapter, and you are good to go. You can mount it on any wall of your house. Some of the unique features of this product makes it one of the best electronic dartboards of year 2019.

best electronic dartboards 2019

5. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Neptune electronic dartboard features regulation size 15.5-inch target area and is built in a hybrid cabinet. Commercial-grade nylon segments exceptionally provide the large gaming surface. The ultra-thin spider significantly reduces the bounce outs for maximum scoring. It consists of 57 games with 307 options and can accommodate up to 16 active players at a time.

A large missed dart catch ring is provided to offer absolute protection to your wall from errant throws. The integrated LCD delivers bright and clear gaming scores and statistics on the screen. The protective cabined is constructed from wood and features a dope design. Besides, it includes six soft tip darts and built-in wooden mounting hardware. Does not require external batteries as it runs on a power supply adapter. The design and features of this dartboard makes it one of the best electronic dartboards for 2019.

best electronic dartboards 2019

6. Guz² Best Electric Dartboard

It is one of it’s kind and stands out among the list of best electronic dartboards de to its colorful appearance. The 15.5″ dartboard comes with two sets of soft tip darts. It features a slim design and has a transparent surrounding case. The target numbers are displayed on the removable cover which can be customized considering your preferences of color. It runs on 4AA batteries as well as the AC adapter that comes with the product.

It accompanies an android and iOs bases application to display the score on your smartphone screen beside it also helps you to connect the players from anywhere on the globe. The Guz board app is loaded with a list of games and variations, that allows you to play and compete with other remote players.  It allows you to control the LED lights and sound via the integrated smart app. It is very easy to install and allows up to 8 global players to connect at a time.

best electronic dartboards 2019

7. Viper Ion LED-illuminated Electronic Dartboard

If you are looking for something extra in an electric dartboard than this might be what you need. Thee Viper Ion features a fresh design followed by a varied number of games and variations. The LED illuminated scoring board doubles the fun as they flash during the game which makes it pretty exciting.

Those illuminating lights serve a purpose besides looking appealing to the eyes, for example, a series of scoring sections will light up to notify that what’s open and closed during a cricket game. The high quality, thermoplastic construction material surface with micro-thin segment dividers makes it extensively durable and surely makes it one of the contender in our list of best electronic dartboards.

best electronic dartboards 2019

8. Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

Viper Solar Blast best electronic dartboard features Commercial-grade nylon segments that provide an exceptionally durable and quieter playing surface. The ultra-thin spider significantly reduces the bounce outs for maximum scoring. It includes 43 games with 187 options and accommodates up to 16 players at a time. The dartboard also consists of a dart catching ring to protect the wall from missed throws. The bright LED display promotes better and clearer visibility of the scores and statistics on screen. The package includes soft dart tips mounting hardware and an AC adapter for power supply.

best electronic dartboards 2019

9. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

The 13′ target face followed by a missed darts catch ring for the protection of the walls make it one of the best electronic dartboards currently available on the market. It features 18 games with nine different variations and allows up to 8  players to participate at a time. Large electronic display to prevent manual scorekeeping and easy to control cricket buttons to switch games. Ultra hon spider to prevent bounce outs to improve the chances of scoring. It operates on 3AA batteries, includes soft tip darts in the package.

best electronic dartboards 2019

10. Hardley Davidson Electronic Dartboard

Hardley Davidson features an antique clock-like design which makes it one of its kind and worth adding to your collection. The 18×24 target face allows up to 8 players to participate at a time. It features four games including 01 and cricket. The four colored LED scoring panel is visible from the throwing point. Another feature that makes it stand out is the classic sound of the Harley Davidson engine which is triggered when you get a Bullseye or win your game, sounds cool right?. It includes six dart tips and requires an AC adapter to operate.

best electronic dartboards 2019

We have compiled the following list of best electronic dartboards to buy in 2019 in your best interest. After spending hours on research, we have listed all the features of individual electronic dartboards to help you decide which one to buy. Feel free to mention your views in the comment section below, and I hope this post featuring the best electronic dartboards for 2019 will prove to be useful to you.


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