Following the success of the Apple Watch series, several companies started manufacturing best Apple Watch accessories to make your watch more fun and quirky to use. If you have spent your hard money on the latest Apple Watch series and thinking of pairing it with an accessory to get the best out of it than we have got you covered.

Apple Watch is fun to accessorize with some latest best Apple Watch accessories for 2019. Personal preferences and personality always matter when choosing an Apple Watch accessory to pair up with your smartwatch. Some would want a strap that would be stylish representing your personal style making you stand out of crowd, others would look for a reliable charging dock to keep Apple Watch powered up. Everyone would love to keep their watch protected from scratches and crack by keeping it covered using a protective case. There are hundreds of option to accompany your Apple Watch.

We have done some research and found out the best Apple Watch accessories to accompany your Apple Watch and add more glamour and fun to it.

Best Apple Watch Accessories of the Year 2019

1.Apple watch magnetic charging cable

Always having a charging cable with you is a wise decision to charge your apple watch effortlessly whenever and wherever you need. The snap-on magnets perfectly hoard on the Apple watch to start recharging it immediately. With a minimum length of 2m, it is double the length of the original charging cable for added versatility. This one will definitely make one of your best Apple accessories on the list.

2. Fitbit Versa Lightweight Apple Watch Case

The easy installation action-proof Fitbit Apple Watch case offers absolute protection to your premium Apple Watch. The case is made from high-quality laprene rubber to protect your watch from the cracks and scratches that might be caused due to a shock. It does not intervene with the functionality of your watch such as speakers, sensors, and buttons, etc.


3. Pantheon Wireless Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch

The pantheon Magnetic charger is the perfect Apple Watch accessory for frequent travelers. The charger is so portable and lightweight that it can be easily carried in the pockets, hence it can charge your Apple Watches within few minutes. The charger is made up of genuine OEM Apple magnetic chargers thus eliminating the risk of damaging your watch.


4. Spigen Apple Watch Stand 

The Apple Spigen Watch stand is an affordable and very useful accessory to place your Apple watch. The slip-resistant base holds your watch in place and lets it charge safely while you are asleep. This is the reason we have included this best Apple Watch Stand in our list of best Apple Watch accessories.


5. Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch Case

Spigen tough armor Apple Watch case is an accessory designed using Spigen’s Air Cushion technology to protect your precious Apple Watch from any cracks and scratches. The high-quality polycarbonate absorbs shocks and gives a tough appearance to your Apple watch. The built-in screen protector protects your screen without affecting the sensitivity of the screen and that is why included in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of the year 2019.


6. OITTM Apple Watch Charging Stand

OITTM is a multifunctional rechargeable stand, with this stand you can charge your any model of Apple Watch as well as iPhone. It consists of 3 USB ports in which you charge three devices simultaneously. The space under the lid is perfect for storing the coiled charging chord, SD cards, etc. The nightstand mode is let yo have full advantage of your Apple Watch even when it is on charging. The OITTM is a must-have accessory for Apple Watch users.


7. Twelve South High Rise Apple Watch Stand

The fancy Twelve South Apple Watch sand is compatible with all Apple watches. The design is convenient to work with your magnetic charging cable, you can slot the charger into the dock and charge your Apple Watch while still having access to the display. The weighted base prevents accidental slip and the soft silicone stand hold your watch carefully and gently.


8. Giffin Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch

The Giffin Power bank will never let your Apple Watch run out of power. The 1050 mAh rechargeable battery can charge your Apple Watch twice. This magnetic charger is very portable and smaller than the size of a business card, you can carry it very easily in your pocket.


9. Sena Leather Apple Watch Stand and Travel Case

Sena leather case and dock keeps your timepiece protected while you are on go. The case is covered in European leather it not only protects your Apple Watch instead you can coil up and store your charging cable inside the lid or charge your Apple Watch in the nightstand mode. This is one of the latest Apple Watch accessories that you can buy to personalize your Apple Watch.


10. Bucardo Necklace Accessory for Apple Watch

Constructed of High-quality Stainless steel is a perfect Apple Watch accessory for your date night. The accessory adds style and charm to your personality and your premium timepiece. The metal lid keeps your screen protected and the necklace consists of interchangeable charms.


11. Amber Watchcase Cum Power Bank for Apple Watch

With the eye-pleasing and neat design amber, Apple Watch case keep your watch protected while you are traveling. The beautiful case not only protects your watch from scratches instead it has inbuilt 3800 mAh battery which can power up your Apple Watch 6 times in a row. 


12. Supershieldz Screen Protector Shield for Apple Watch

Supershieldz screen protector for Apple Watch is designed with anti-glare matte technology which keeps your Apple screen free from fingerprints, thus keeping it clean and safe from scratches.  Real touch sensitivity provides flawless touch screen accuracy and tops in our list of best Apple Watch accessories.

Best Apple Watch Accessories

13. i-Balson Apple Watch Case

i-Balson Apple case is a protective case designed for your Apple Watch and one of the best Apple Watch cases. The pack consists of 5 soft and colorful  TPU cases. The cases are shock absorbent and the raised edges give additional protection from scratches on the screen when facing the ground. The flexible TPU material does not intervene with buttons and sensors

Best Apple Watch Accessories

14. Catalyst Waterproof Case for Apple Watch

Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch case offers protection to your watch from water up to 100m. With MIL-STD 810G military standard it prevents any damage to your watch from shocks and drops up to 6ft. The case is made up of scratch-proof rugged polycarbonate along with light silicon straps. The case is designed to offer protection in all environmental conditions.


15. Nomad Apple Watch Pod

Nomad Apple Watch pod has an integrated 1,800mAh lithium polymer battery which can fully charge your Apple Watch up to 4 times. You can also wrap up your cable and store it inside the lid. The power button with 4 led display gives you an idea of remaining power. It is very lightweight and portable, hence you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. It is one of the latest Apple Watch accessories which is amazing in terms of functionality.


If you have brought a new Apple Watch recently or planning on buying then make sure to consider buying the latest Apple Watch accessories to accompany it. I might have forgotten to mention some of the best Apple Watch accessories on this list, please feel free to remind us in the comment section below which are missing. If you have used any of the mentioned best Apple watch accessories from this list share your user experience it will prove to be helpful for potential buyers.

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