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Third party accessories have always been popular among Apple users. This time the manufacturers have come up with the best Apple AirPods accessories that you can buy in 2020. These additional accessories will help you get the best out of your Apple AirPods. With the launch of AirPods 2, the list of accessories have been increased and we did some digging to find out the best Apple AirPods accessories

The list consists of some of the finest Apple AirPods accessories like skins, protective case for AirPods and AirPods strap, which comes in handy and enhances your experience with the device.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at some of the best Apple AirPods accessories 2020.

The Best Apple AirPods Accessories 2020

1. Catalyst Best AirPods Waterproof Case

Worried about your precious AirPods getting drenched in the rain or falling into the lake while you are out fishing than a protective case for your AirPods is what you need and that is the reason we have kept it on first in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories. The Silicone case by the catalyst is MIL  and IP67 certified hence it assures absolute safety of your device up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) under the water.

Besides providing the protection from water the case also prevents scratches, dust and oil smudge from damaging your AirPods.  Precise cutout for seamless access to lightning connector and a dedicated detachable caliber to attach the case to your belt or bag for hassle-free reach and to avoid the risk of misplacement. It is available in several fun colors to chose from, conveying your quirky personality.

best airpods accessories

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2. Spigen Apple AirPods Strap

With the trendy Spigen Apple AirPods strap, you will never to worry about losing your earpiece ever again. It features a simple design to let you experience the tangle free easy storage facility. It comes with a head grip to keep your AirPods intact and secure during outdoor activities besides they are very compact, lightweight and extremely durable. This is one of the best Apple AirPods accessories that you should definitely buy.

best airpods accessories

3. Twelve South Airfly Transmitter for AirPods

If you are not a fan of the newly designed AirPods by Apple than we have a solution for you. The wireless transmitter for AirPods is what you need, it allows you to connect wireless headphones to wired headphones jacks via Bluetooth connectivity.

It has 8 hours long battery life ideal to use on the plane with an in-flight entertainment system or while playing games on your Nintendo switch. It is accompanied by a 3.5mm adapter that can be plugged into any wired headphone port. This is surely an innovate product in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories

best airpods accessories

4. Finite Premium Leather Case for Apple AirPods

This tiny leather case by Finite is exclusively designed to store your AirPods securely and that is why we have included it in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories. Leather has always been people favorite, besides this case features a compact design and is very easy to carry during outings. It is equipped with a detachable caliber which comes in handy while you go out for activities like hiking, biking climbing etc.

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You can also use it to attach the case to your belt or bag strap for easy access and to avoid the risk of misplacement. Precise cutouts for charging and lighting button, followed by a magnetic buckle for easy opening and closing. These cases are available in several colors and design combinations to choose from.

best airpods accessories

5. Earhoox Earpods for Apple AirPods

These quirky earpods are a great option for getting that ideal AirPods fit. The silicone earpods comfortably snug fit around the ears and also improve the audio quality by preventing outdoor noise. The design is comfy and grips precisely around the AirPods. They are available in blue black and white color widely.

best airpods accessories

6. Amasing 7-in-1 Accessory Kit for Airpods

This isn’t your regular case for AirPods instead it is equipped with ear hooks and a strap to help you get the best of your AirPods. The ear hooks help you to comfortably snug the Apple AirPods around our ears besides it isolates the surrounding noises. So many things in one bundle makes it one of the awesome fit in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories.

The integrated straps are ideal to use during working out or going for a walk or while you are traveling. Besides the silicone case guards your precious AirPods against scratches scrapes, dirt and smudges. The AirPods case is available in varied colors to choose from, matching with the color of your best iPhone cases.

best airpods accessories

7. APS AirPods Apple Watch Band Holder

If you possess an Apple Watch than these AirPods holder by APNskins will prove to be extremely useful for you and this is one reason to include it in our list of best accessories for Apple AirPods. It allows you to store your AirPods safely and securely attached with your wristwatch. It features a silicone design compatible with any kind of best Apple watch bands. Ideal for workout hours, available in various colors to match with your watch band color. Besides it is backed by a lifetime guarantee and replacement, what else can you wish for just $7.99?.

best airpods accessories

8. Premium Zipper Hard Case for AirPods

Exclusively designed for AirPods this case is ideal for travelers. It allows you to securely store your AirPods, lighting cable and power adapter so you can find everything in a single place. It is constructed from high-quality material which is water resistant followed by a soft interior lining to prevent scratches. It is very durable and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Compact design makes it easy to carry around in backpacks and travel bags and thus an essential best AirPods accessory for people who are on the go.

best airpods accessories

9. Elago AirPods Stand

Elago is modern day silicone charging station for your AirPods and we loved the product so decided to include in our list of best AirPods accessories. Your AirPods case fits precisely into the designed groove of the case and allows it to charge seamlessly once the lighting cable installed. Available in black, white and grey color respectively.

best airpods accessories

10. Protective Colorful Skins for AirPods

Not a fan of authentic white colored AirPods by Apple then this adhesive vinyl skins will add some color to your AirPods. They are available in several fun colors widely and can be customized by your texts and images just for a minimal cost of $25. This is fun yet one of the best AirPods accessories who want their AirPods to customize according to their style.

best airpods accessories

11. Antislip Silicone Cover for Apple AirPods

The soft silicone cover for AirPods is significantly designed to help the AirPods stay in your ears even when you are running on a treadmill or catching a bus on the subway. It is extremely thin and fits comfortably in ears and case. The sound isolating design restricts the ambient noise and enhances the audio quality. It is recommended to wash them weekly to reduce the risk of slipping away due to greasiness. Available in varied colors to choose from and definitely one of the best Apple AirPods accessories.

best airpods accessories

12. AirPods Keychain Case by HVS

The hard case with soft interior provides maximum security to your Apple AirPods. It features hard quality EVA material which is semi-waterproof, shockproof and durable enough to shield your AirPods from impacts. An integrated inner mesh pocket is ideal for storing the AirPods strap. The keychain design makes it absolute to use as a keyring or attach with the strap of your bag or belt to carry your AirPods anywhere anytime. This is one of the best beautiful option in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories.

best airpods accessories

13. Moretak Waterproof Case for AirPods

Martek is a heavy duty waterproof case for your AirPods and that is why we have listed in our best Apple AirPods accessories.The silicone body guards your earpiece against shocks and bums and impacts. It absorbs shocks and prevents other occasional damage to provide maximum security to your AirPods. It is IP67 and waterproof tested with 5 layer water protection to prevent any water damage during running, fishing, and camping etc.

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Seamless access to ports with precise cutouts and minimalistic design making it handy to carry around, keychain design for secure holding. Available in black red and blue color respectively.

best airpods accessories

14. Umtele Ear hooks for AirPods

These ear hooks are exclusively designed for AirPods, to eliminate the risk of losing your precious earpieces. The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable and secure fir for all the people, the silicone design feels comfortable and does not cause any bulk while wearing. Easy to installs and grips your AirPods safely. Available in black and white color currently.

best airpods accessories

I hope the above listed best Apple AirPods accessories will prove to be useful for you. However, if I may have missed out any of the best AirPods accessories that deserve to be included on this list than feel free to mention the name in the comment section below. Meanwhile, let us which one of the best Apple AirPods accessories in 2020 you have decided to buy.

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