So you just bought your new Amazon Fire TV stick, and you are loving it. Well, it comes with everything that is required to run it smoothly, but there are some additional and best Amazon Fire TV stick accessories that you can buy to enhance your experience.

All these best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories are very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

So what are you waiting for, do check some of the most awesome accessories for your Amazon Fire Stick and upgrade your experience while watching TV in style. Before that, you might want to check best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets of 2018.

10 Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Accessories

1. Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Stick

You must be aware with the fact that your Amazon Fire TV stick supports Wi-Fi, but if you are installing it in the back room or basement, then you may not be in reach of your router to stream the videos reliably.

For solving this issue, you need to buy the Amazon official Ethernet Adapter. Simply plug the ethernet cable to your Amazon Fire Tv to get the best speed even when you aren’t close to your WiFi router.

The installation process is straightforward, connect the amazon Ethernet Adapter into the USB port of your Amazon Fire TV and connect the cable directly from your router for enhanced speed, the tiny adapter is also compatible with Alexa voice remote.


2. Koral Case For Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV Stick

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick accompanies a remote for controlling the functions. It feels annoying when your remote keep sliding from your hand or gets tugged between the couch. With the Koral case for Alexa Voice Remote, you can protect your remote from drops and scratches with the help of non-slip grip design. The design of the cover allows you to have easy access to the buttons without interfering with the user interface. The cases are available in vibrant and varied colors such as red, green, blue and orange, etc. which makes it easy to spot instantly.


3. Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment For Amazon Fire TV

The Sideclick remote is a must-have accessory for you if you hate juggling between the remotes while you want to control the of your TV while streaming something on your Amazon Fire TV stick.

The Siideclick remote clips with your Amazon Fire TV remote to let you access standard TV controls so you can control the other regular function of your TV without the need of switching the remotes. The Sideclick remotes include volume, channel, power input and two additional buttons which let you control various devices with a single remote. The remote also allows you to have access to your Alexa controls; thus it is a must have Amazon Fire TV Stick accessory. This is the reason, it is considered as one of the best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories.


4. iPazzport Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick

The iPazzport let you enter text searches in a traditional type layout, no need to waste your time in finding features using your Amazon remote. The integrated Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect a keyboard easily with your amazon fire stick. The included silicone sleeve allows you to combine the iPazzport and amazon fire tv remote as a single unit for easy access to multiple features. It is an important accessory one should have to save lots of time and trouble.


5. Nupro Travel Case for Amazon Fire TV Stick 

The Nupro hardshell case is specially designed for carrying your amazon fire TV stick and accessories. It helps you to keep your Amazon Fire TV Stick and the accessories safe and organized while you are carrying them during your traveling time. The elastic mesh pockets offer the storage space for cables and HDMI extender. The integrated Carabiner loop can be attached to other bags or a belt for secure handling of the bag.


6. FireCable Micor USB Cable for Amazon TV Stick

With FireCable Micro USB cable you can go wireless no need of lengthy chords and wires hanging from your TV. Now you can power up your Smart TV Stick, including Chrome, Roku, Fire TV Stick or any other HDMI streaming media player directly from your TV’s USB port. The accessory is designed explicitly for Amazon fire tv, and it is very easy to install. It is compatible with all Fire models and HDMI streaming media players; it provides consistent power to keep running your media players simultaneously. The product offers a lifetime money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? Just grab one for you.


7. Amazon Echo Dot for Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Echo Dot let you the fire stick without the need of picking up your remote control. With Amazon echo and echo dot you can control the various functions and features on your Fire TV stick without pressing any button on your remote and that is the reason, we have included Echo Dot in our list of the best accessories for Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can array a wide range of commands by saying Alexa and then the different option you want to choose from like play, pause, stop, resume and rewind, etc. The Alexa is a multipurpose device, it is capable of doing so much just on your voice command.


8. 3m Strips to Keep your Fire TV Stick secure

If you need to use the HDMI adapter and don’t want to carry your Amazon Fire TV stick while you are traveling, secure it to the back of your TV by using 3m strips.  The 3m strips can also be used to stick, Ethernet adapter and other small accessories that you want to keep secure and well placed while you are going out for traveling.


9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon lets you rent and buy movies and TV shows with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Amazon prime video is included free with Amazon prime. Though the Amazon rimes cost $99 for a yearly subscription and give you access to tons of movies and TV shows. You can get a 30 day free trial period of Amazon Prime to check if you like it.


With the Amazon Prime video, we have ended our list of the best accessories for Amazon Fire TV Stick. Do you know any other products which you think might fit well in our list of best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories? Why not tell us and we will include it in our list of best Fire TV Stick accessories.


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