The Amazon Alexa is and has been the forerunner in its field of expertise and enjoys the pinnacle of its dominance in the market. With the increasing prevalence, it’s not surprising to see more and more companies are colluding with Amazon Alexa and are launching multiple and best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets in the market.

Alexa has powered up its game with the assistance of enormous Alexa compatible gadgets, a simple voice command will facilitate pretty surprising tasks within spellbound time. Previous year, we have seen many awesome Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets and thought to create a list of the ones which will create a buzz in this year.

Here we are listing 15 of the best Alexa Compatible Gadgets for 2020 that we came across while doing the research work. From an oven to the coffee maker and the sprinkler controller the list is quite surprising and we are sure you will find something from these list of best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets 2020.

Best Amazon Alexa Compatible Gadgets 2020

1. Neato Robotics WiFi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac is a smart and versatile solution for cleaning the floors of your home every day. With a dual cleaning mode, the robot is capable of cleaning a wide area and keep resuming the cleaning until the floor is entirely clean. It is compatible with all kinds of floors and it can be operated using the  Neato app. It works with both Alexa and google assistance so you can control it using any of the given choices.

Neato is a smart robot it detects the furniture and objects around the room and cleans the area precisely. The D shape design is made to conveniently clean the corners of the room where the pile of dirt gets collected. The integrated special laser smart navigation helps to clean the room in a methodical way, after finishing the task Neato summons to the base for recharge. So next time when you want to clean your room Just say Alexa, “tell Neato to start cleaning”.


2. Sengled Element Classic Smart LED Bulb for Alexa

Smart lighting is one of the most useful and simplest technology to be fused in your home. Imagine saying Alexa, dim down the lights to 25 %, how convenient it sounds.

The Sengled works perfectly fine with Alexa and google assistance through voice command. Each kit consists of two A19 smart bulbs and one control hub, which is capable of supporting up to 60 Bulbs at a time via ZigBee connection. Install Element Home iOS or Android App on your phone to turn on/off dim and brighten the lights by simply tapping on the screen of your smartphone. You can also track the consumption of power on your tablet or smartphone from any place on the globe. Sengled Classic smart bulbs are power efficient and consume 80% less electricity as compared to regular LED bulbs.


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3. EZVIZ WiFi Enabled Home Video Monitoring Smart Camera

When we talk about top Alexa compatible gadgets of 2020, EZVIZ has to be there. EZVIZ smart camera lets you monitor the activities at your home while you are away. Just say Alexa show me the baby room or any location of your home where there is EZVIZ camera it will start showing that area on your screen. It is fully secure and encrypted with an end to end video encryption for added security.

The 111º viewing angle lets you see what’s going on in the entire room , with an integrated speaker and microphone you can listen and talk to the person close to the camera. The camera sends a notification to your phone whenever a motion is detected. The night vision is helpful in letting you see the video clearly while it gets dark outside. Though the videos are stored in the cloud though you can save the videos locally by using Micro SD cards.


4. Amazon Fire TV and Alexa Voice Remote

The new Amazon Fire TV is geared up with an Alexa voice remote and streams videos in 4K Ultra HD. It lets watch endless shows and movies from multiple sources such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and many more. You can also access multiple websites and listen to unlimited songs through prime music and Spotify etc.  By using your Alexa voice remote you can easily find and control the content you want to watch, though for handsfree access connect your Fire TV with your echo dot to send voice commands from anywhere across the home.


5. Echobee Smart Thermostat for Alexa

Now you can control the temperature of your room by simply sending a voice command to Alexa. With a builti n Alexa voice service, you can ask your echobee to set the timer, adjust the heating and air conditioning of your home. With a far fetch voice technology, you echobee can hear your instruction from across the hall. The device can be controlled from anywhere by using the app on your smartphone, iOS and google assistance.


6. Anova Culinary Sous Vide WiFi Enabled Immersion Cooker

Anova Culinary is a smart kitchen gadget for smart cooking. The term sous vide stands for food sealed in a bag cooked in a water bath at a regulated temperature. It is capable of cooking meat, vegetables, fish soups and dessert. It is very easy to use  just attach the cooker to any pot add water and the essential ingredients in a glass or a sealed bag and you are ready to go. With an integrated WiFi and Bluetooth you can control the cooker with your smartphone and Alexa. Just imagine cooking from any corner of your house by simply sending a voice command and this is the reason we have included this product in our list of best Alexa compatible gadgets.


7. Hunter WiFi Enabled Ceiling Fan Compatible with Alexa

You can control the speed of your hunter fan and dim the light by using the Alexa. The special whisperwind motor delivers strong air flow without making disturbing noises. Kudos to the reversible motor it allows to turn the direction of your fan, this way you can use your fan throughout the year in winters it will blow warm air after the reshifting of the engine.


8. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

You can control the watering of your garden just by using your power. You can send different voice commands to control different run zones. Download the Rachio app to manage your sprinkler system via your smartphone, tablet  from any corner of your home. Rachi0 is a smart sprinkler it will skip the scheduled watering cycle if the rain is predicted and adjust according to the weather.


9. GE Profile Smart Cooktop and Oven

Now it’s time to do smart cooking with GE profile smart burner cooktop. With an integrated edge- edge to cooktop surface with extra room for large pots and pans, make it convenient to move cookware from burner to burner easily. There’s an integrated reversible Cast Iron Grill. Using Alexa, your home WiFi connection and your smartphone, you can control the oven without the need of getting out of your seat.  You can adjust the temperature, preheat the oven and cancel baking etc., using the Alexa command.


10. GE lighting Smart Light Fixture

GE lighting is the modern day smart lamp compatible with Alexa. Featuring a sleek design that blends easily in the interior of your modish home. It is a multifunctional smart device, you can control the lighting, set the timer, know the temperature and listen to the music from your Alexa enabled music  library. The light module can be placed anywhere in the home may it be kitchen, bedroom or study room the white light hue can be adjusted according to the need and mood. You can control the lamp manually or using your smartphone and Alexa.


11. Automatic Pro Real time 3G Car Tracking Alexa Skill Enabled Device

Automatic pro is a any adapter that can be plugged into any car to monitor it endlessly without costing any extra bucks. It works on a 3G connectivity subscription for 5 years, it also helps you connect your car to the rest of the essential part of your digital life like Echo, Nest and IFTTT.

It maps the real time location of the car no matter who is driving it, thus assuring the safety of your family members in case of an emergency.  It also alarms and notify if a crash is detected in your car engine to avoid any mishaps and that’s why we have included this product in our list of best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets of 2020.


12. Sonos Smart Speaker with Built in Amazon Alexa 

Play the music anytime just by sending a command to the Alexa. The Sonos smart speaker lets you do almost everything from playing music, controlling your smart home devices to checking on the temperature and real time traffic in your area. You can ask Alexa to stream music  from Spotify, Amazon Prime Music etc. The sound quality of the speakers is good and perhaps you can pair two Sonos together for the stereo sound in your home.


13. Amazon Echo Spot

No list of top Alexa compatible gadgets will be complete without the mention of Echo Spot as it is one of the best gadget to accompany your Amazon Alexa. It consists of multiple features and is capable of completing multiple tasks within the matter of seconds. The Amazon Echo Spot features a compact design that can do so many things from telling you temperature to show you the new headlines in brief on the screen.  You can stream unlimited music on your echo spot using Spotify, Amazon Prime etc.

It  lets you set up alarm and make video calls to your friends and family having Echo Spot or Alexa app. You can control the system even when the music is playing as it is integrated with a far fetching voice technology.


14. Garmin Speak Alexa Compatible Audio System for Vehicles 

Garim is a perfect travel companion, this intercative device connects to the audio system in your vehicle using the Bluetooth or an AUX cable. The Garmin connected GPS navigation gives you hand free turn turn by navigation while you are driving to a specified destination. The display screen that will be attached to your windshield will keep showing you arrows towards the lane on which you have to drive.

Along with showing you the direction Garmin can stream music from multiple sources such as Spotify and Amazon prime music while you are on the go to make your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable. Driving never sounded this fun . The Garmin speaker will keep getting smarter and better as the new updates and features keep getting integrated through automatic updates.


15. Bosch BCM8450UC Stainless Steel Smart Coffee Maker

Now there is no need to burn heavy holes in your pocket by going for a coffee to Starbucks because, Alexa is here to serve you coffee on your command in your home itself. All you need to fulfil this wish of yours is to buy a Bosch automatic coffee maker place it in your kitchen to operate, add coffee beans, milk, sugar, water sit back and relax.

The Bosch coffee machine lets you taste different kinds of coffee styles like ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, and many more. You can access the machine using the app on your smartphone, but operating it with Alexa sounds more fun. Just command the Alexa to brew the kind of coffee you are in the mood to drink and you will be having an experience of  owing a personal barista in no time. This is a must have Alexa compatible  gadget for coffee lovers.


The Amazon Alexa is growing better and smarter with each passing day, the popularity is increasing amazingly among the users, thus, promising a bright future for Amazon’s ecosystem. What are the best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets you would like to buy in 2020? You can also share your experience while using any of the best Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets of year 2020 mentioned on this list.

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